Monday, March 31, 2008

Growly kind of day

Just a little woe is me kind of day...
These things are going to be the death of me. I officially had to get out my fat jeans. I am so bummed. I didn't have to go up a size, yet, just get out the ones that are too loose when I am just a wee bit skinnier. I had to put away my cute Old Navy size 6s and get out my dorky Target size 6s, such a yucky way to start the day. I swear nothing gets me down like having to get out these jeans. Grrrrr.... (growling)... I've been a chocolate eating maniac, kind of like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas only with Hershey's chocolate instead of booze. Thanks Easter Bunny! Actually, I can't blame it all on the candy, about 6 weeks ago I got a monstrous blister from my new cheap running shoes (lesson learned, never buy $30 running shoes) and it just kept getting worse and worse. So bad, last week I went to the doctor to have it cut out. Oh my, that was certainly unpleasant. It's gone and healing so hopefully I can get back on the treadmill and back in my skinny jeans. I am considering hanging my bathing suit in full view as extra incentive, it's not that far away you know, bathing suit season. Grrrrr...(more growling).... I know there are so many injustices in the world and no one cares about my jeans but me but g-d-it, I want to wear my skinny jeans! OK, I'm threw throwing a fit.

On a better note, I did meet my crafting goals for this month (the ones I drafted in January): I wanted to create 12 layouts, finish my vacation album from last year, and begin Christmas crafts for next year. Done, done, done, yeah me! Pictures to come...

Friday, March 21, 2008


Zoe made these ears at school and wouldn't you know they like these better than the headband ones we got at the store? They have been wearing them and hopping all over the house, that's gotta be good to release some energy right?! We'll be off to see my out-laws here soon... hope the weather holds out, they are predicting another winter storm! Isn't it supposed to be spring? Have a happy Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

words are powerful

I noticed that words have been important to me in the last 24 hours. What do you do when you have a crazed 2 year old and no chocolate in the house (I know, shocker, how is that possible?!) and you have no excuse to go anywhere to get any chocolate? Why I can tell you. Raid your pantry for anything sweet you can find. Three fortune cookies will do in a pinch. The upside, the three fortunes were actually really cool ones, I hope come true. Saving these for future scrapbook pages...
Read the shirt... as long as we are all clear on this, no one will get hurt! I am mommy, hear me roar!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dyeing and Flooding

Who decided St. Patrick's Day and Easter should be a week apart? I need at least two weeks between special occasions/holidays just to recover! I mean, come on people, aren't we the grown-ups here? Can't we just say, well Easter is going to be on a different Sunday? Will the kids really know the difference? Anyway, with this special holiday only a few days away, I quick grabbed some eggs yesterday and we spent the evening dyeing them. (BTW- We don't even have our Easter decorations out yet! Shamrocks are still dangling from our chandelier and our pot of gold is still full of chocolate gold pieces!) You can see it here in the left corner... My grandma taught me (actually she insisted) to blow dry the eggs so they won't get that dark circle on the bottom, we're all a bunch of perfectionists! So I have taught Zoe and Parker to do the same.

The kids loved this egg decorating kit. It came with teeny sponges and glitter paint. I think they liked this better than the dyeing process. Parker was all over this sponge paint. The sponge paint was all over him too.

They must have inhaled too many vinegar fumes because during their bath time, somehow, they became temporarily insane and totally flooded the bathroom! I was, needless to say, not a happy mommy. I can't believe how fast they can wreck havoc, I literally answered the phone, said to my mom that I'd have to call her back while the flooding took place. Did I mention my husband was gone at work during the dyeing and flooding? Well he was and I was secretly cursing him, actually just wishing he was here to drop the hammer on these two maniacs. I kept my cool, no beatings or lashings, there was something in the back of my mind that I knew would make me feel better...
Thank you M&Ms for making cherry flavored yummyness! I wish I had more than half a bag left. And I wish they weren't just a limited edition, boo hoo, these are da bomb!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty's and Buble

Here are the kids so happy after their St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt. "Lucky the Leprechaun" left them clues (see below) all over the house to his pot of gold treats. This is our second year for the hunt and Zoe really loves it. She spent the whole day trying to spy Lucky and/or his rainbow. They even re-hid the pot and had the hunt again when daddy came home.
Some pictures from Michael Buble's concert. It's kind of hard to see but in my mind I can remember every song, it was a terrific show. He is so dreamy, cute, talented, his voice is just like butta!
During "Home" they had a slide show of Cincinnati things, Paul Brown stadium, Great American Ballpark, Pete Rose's jersey, the skyline and Ohio river, and this one is my favorite, Skyline coneys being loaded up. If I ever had to move from here, that is the thing I'd miss most of all, Skyline coneys and 3-way(the spaghetti kind, get your mind out of the gutter!). Mmmm...
This is the group called Naturally 7. They opened up. So extremely cool. They used their mouths to simulate all the instruments they would need in a real song: guitars, bass, drums, harmonica, etc. I swear it was the coolest thing. They sound so awesome. I looked them up on Youtube and you can hear their songs, they sing, "In the Air Tonight" and "Take these Broken Wings", both remakes with a hip-hop flavor. I highly recommend a look-see/listen.
Does anyone know what gets into an almost 2 1/2 year old, besides the terrible twos? Mine has been crying for about an hour now and nothing will make him stop. I am still blaming it on the time change, I have no idea what it is. I think he is going to drive me to drinking excessively. Ugh!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Going with my mom to see Michael Buble tonight, yummy! Can't wait.

Friday, March 14, 2008

a few more layouts

Here are a few more layouts I did with my Target clearanced paper and letter stickers. When I was in Shimelle Laine's class at Scrapbowl she said she keeps using her scraps of paper that she trims off her initial chosen pieces until she's done with them. I have been doing this for a while too. I like the idea of not having to file my scraps/embellishments when I am finished. I spent time gathering them already, why file them to only have to get them out again?! I finished 3 layouts using some of the same papers from a few days ago. (These each go into different albums so I'm not worried about repetition.) I just had to get a bigger coordinating piece for the background. And notice that the colors might not match exactly to the original patterned paper, but I am not letting this bother me. I am telling myself that this layout is awesome not because everything is matchy-matchy but because it is a completed page, a documented memory for my family. Done, finished, move on. Hoo-ah!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

power sorting

I have been wanting to do a power sort of my pictures for a long time so this is what I worked on this week. I sorted through (I think) 24 envelopes of developed pictures and lots of memorabilia, it was about 13 months of photos. The empty envelopes looked like this. I still have to file the negatives. I sorted them into plastic page protectors and then put the protectors into a giant 3 ring binder in a rough chronological order. One binder is for "family" photos, one for "Zoe's" photos, and one for "Parker's" photos. The binders with their pages ready to be inserted looked like this. A total nightmare!
After putting the protectors in their binders, they looked like this. This is the family photos to be scrapped, about a year or so worth of pictures, it can't even close!
A little better but looking very overwhelming. These are my "things to scrapbook" binders and they are scaring me a little, well a lot actually. I don't ever anticipate being "caught up" on my scrapbooking, I know it is a hobby in progress. These seem a little crazy, stuffed to the brim. I originally liked this system because I could put stickers, embellishments, etc. in the protector with the photos until I scrapped them, along with notes about design ideas, or whatever. It has worked until this last power sort. Now I am feeling like it is not going to work in the long run. I don't want to spend any money on organizing my scrapbook stuff, I'd rather spend it on pretty paper or stickers so I'm going to be wracking my brain until I can come up with a better system. Until then, it looks like I've got my work cut out for me! I-yi-yi!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

me vs. the little dude

Me and this little dude are gonna throw down any minute now! He thinks he calls the shots around here but I got news for him, no siree Bob! He is also convinced he does not need to take a nap, abso-freakin'-lutely not! He is napping until I say he can stop. Crying for hours doesn't make me feel bad for him so he might as well just stop and go to sleep already! Guess it's time to dust off the mommy combat boots, 'cos it's war!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Look out everyone

I love this boy so much but his behavior has been atrocious (is this the right spelling?) lately. I think the "terrible two's" has officially begun, almost like we flipped a switch. With Zoe, it was "terrible three's", so hopefully it will be over before then. Whew, I need a break!

Monday, March 10, 2008

An equation for joy

Some clearanced patterned paper Plus some clearanced alphabet stickers
Equals a completed scrapbook layout! JOY!
I went to Target to get some Easter candy (big sale this week) and I found these scrapbook supplies. I'm so happy to get another layout finished. I have a couple big projects to finish up and then I have planned to start on next year's Christmas gifts (a few in mind) believe it or not. I tell myself every year that I will start early and I never do. This year when I made my list of scrapbook goals, I included gifts I want to make and cards too. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay on my track. My goal is to not be so overwhelmed at the holidays that I can't enjoy them. We'll see!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


As a mom, I think most of us would agree we want better lives for our children then we had (I just watched a 20/20 where Tori Spelling pretty much said the same thing, and she grew up in a palace!) but anyway, I hope that my children grow up with endless opportunities to succeed and feel loved and have a joyful life of course. Selfishly, I must say, I just want to spoil them rotten sometimes. I remember every year my dream of having the Barbie Dream House was crushed on Christmas morning when it was missing from my gift bounty. Oh, poor me, I know, so pitiful! I did however have the townhome, the one with the elevator, which my best friend, Vicki, said she always wanted, so I guess it was pretty cool. I just didn't realize it back then. ANYWAY, back to the present, I love seeing the joy on my children's face when they receive a special gift or surprise. Here is Zoe with the American Girl doll she has wanted for about two years. (Thanks Gigi!) She wanted the one with the earrings so bad, she didn't care if her doll did not have eyes that matched her own. That is true desire! Don't they look so cute dressed alike? Just a note, I always wanted a doll that looked like me that I could dress up in matching clothes. So I guess, my dreams are coming true.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Overhearing the love

An older picture, but you can still see the love!The kids were playing in the "tent" I made out of blankets this morning and I was feeding the animals when I overheard Zoe say, "Parker you are the best brother ever. If they wanted to replace you I wouldn't let them." My heart melted, how sweet is that? I don't know how long this lovefest will last but I am hoping forever!

Friday, March 7, 2008

We live what we learn

I am officially becoming my grandmother!

  • I like antiques and crafts, nothing to be embarrassed about.
  • I love PBS and NPR, ok, so that is a little dorky.
  • I could go to the library or Goodwill everyday, you never know what you might find in either of those places.
  • I clip and use coupons, hey, nothing wrong with being frugal?!
  • I like to hand write notes to people, that's a nice thing, I think.
  • I like to bake, good for my mouth, not so much for my hips, like my grandma!
  • I love all things Kentucky: horses, horse farms, horse racing, my alma mater, UK- Go Big Blue!, basketball, bluegrass music, bourbon (only a sip now that I am a college graduate), Derby hats, Derby pie, rolling hills surrounded by white fences, tobacco barns filled with drying tobacco (although I hate any form of tobacco, it is quite a lovely sight), and that good old southern hospitality.

Here are the clinchers: there will be no pictures because these are just too humiliating!

  • I wear slippers or fuzzy slipper socks all day! (My grandma called these "cooner covers" I have no idea why.)
  • I wore a shower cap in the shower today, and I liked it! I really like skipping a day of washing and drying my hair, this definitely made it easier.

I told you, humiliating! I think my grandma is probably looking down on me and smiling, I had no idea I would be her legacy. A nice thing to realize today.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

38 Pens

I keep trying to get everyone organized, neat and tidy around here but sometimes it seems like I am treading water, moving a lot but not getting anywhere. These are all the pens my husband brings home from work. Every few weeks or so, I go around and gather them up and put them in a baggie and send them to school with him. (Funny- last time I was in his office, I saw one of the baggies on his desk, still full of pens!) I usually put them in his lunch bag or else the baggie will sit on the counter for weeks. I don't know how these all end up here, I guess he just keeps putting them in his suit pockets as he uses them, whatever, we end up with this mound of pens every so often. I tried giving him a whole drawer in the kitchen to put his man stuff in, principal keys, car keys, cell phone, palm pilot, pens, etc. but somehow they never quite made it there, it always looks like Batman threw up all his gadgets on the counter at the end of the day. We are trying a new system of hanging our keys by the garage door and keeping all other gear in my cute Longaberger stack rack (see "Around the House"). I hope this works. Now is it too nerdy for the principal to wear one of those pen holders around his neck like the kindergarten teachers wear (Hey, I was a kindergarten teacher, I had one so don't get all defensive!)? Maybe that will force him to use only one per day? I think I'm fighting a losing battle on that one!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I think it's pretty exciting to see these Hillary and Obama signs. I am trying to remember all the news coverage of this election, been saving some news articles too. Someday I want to be able to tell my children or grandchildren what it was like to be living during this time of historic choices for presidential candidates. It's not everyday that you get to live something that kids will be eventually studying in their history classes!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Just got word my little Max is not going to need surgery. Oh I swear I could have kissed that vet tech right there on the spot. I was not only worried about him needing surgery on his bladder but I was dreading the projected $1000 price tag. I have been praying that the medicine and special diet would work and we (me and the vet/staff) think it has worked for now. I feel a big sigh of relief coming on, so glad my poochie is ok. Love him, after all, he is my first baby!

Two recent books

Always searching for knowledge, just sometimes in the strangest places... here are two books I recently read. What would a psychiatrist say about me? I would love to know. A book about cleaning house and a book by Sylvia Browne (love her!) am I searching for truth, justice and the cleanest house or are there other hidden meanings to my book selections? Something to ponder. As I was dropping these in the return box at the library, I thought it was funny that I had these two books, totally different, both of which I enjoyed very much. I'm actually reading another Sylvia book right now, just because I thought it sounded interesting. I've always enjoyed watching her on Montel and I have read several of her books. I love how honest and straightforward she is, whatever the subject, and she's pretty funny too! I told my husband that I want a "reading" with her, it costs about $700, so it probably won't happen, guess I'll just enjoy her books for now.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Around the house

Is this why I can't lose that mommy muffin that hangs over my jeans? Probably, don't answer that! Seriously, when your husband works as many hours as mine does, you have to have chocolate daily, no exceptions. But when he works all day on Saturday too, you need to have chocolate so bad you'll scour your recipes to find one that has the ingredients you have on hand to make some yummy triple chocolate chunk brownies. They definitely helped me through the day. Here are my cute new additions to my minuscule laundry room. We do have the world's smallest laundry room, no joke! The Longaberger basket stack rack was from my birthday last year! It's been in hiding in my closet just waiting to be hung up. (I was waiting for the bead board to be installed- that was this year's birthday present.) The coat rack we made ourselves, so DIY! I have been eyeing these hooks at Hobby Lobby for a while. I just went ahead and bought them last week. I asked Paul if he had any scrap wood to make a back and frame and lo and behold he did. His new nail gun and air compressor makes all my "jobs" fun and easy. So he put it together and I painted it and voila! I love it. I wanted to paint the room lime-ish green but he said no. Oh well, guess I can't have everything. Anyway, I plan on making some cute tags for the baskets and I am hoping this helps us keep the clutter off the kitchen counter and coats off the floor. We'll see...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hello Sun!

We got to play outside today! We took a walk and the kids rode their bikes. Zoe rode and Parker rode his little bike that I have to push, a little crazy but fun because he is learning to steer. The sun was in and out, neighbors were walking and doing yard work. People were waving as they drove past. My dog was happily sniffing and walking. OMG, I think I feel my spirits lifting as I type. Oh I really needed that. I just love the sun and warmer weather. Here is a picture of the kids from a couple days ago... yes they have Happy Meal boxes on their heads. Zoe said they were marching band hats. I say they were temporarily insane with cabin fever. Hopefully, the worst weather is behind us... we need to be outside!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Searching for treasures

I always dream of finding a treasure whether it be at the flea market or thrift store, a garage sale, a local craft show, I've even been know to grab other's trash, I haven't found any gold, yet. I'm still dreaming of my debut on "Antiques Roadshow". Here's how I imagine it: "yes I was just driving by and saw this chair by the side of the road in their trash, I took it home and cleaned it up..." I have wacky aspirations! Cleaning up around my house is no different, I never know what is lurking behind the dresser or under the beds. I always hold out hope for a random wad of cash (trip to Archivers!) alas I usually just find kids' schmag. See above. These "treasures" were found among the cushions of our sofa. Guess I'll keep searching for my one of a kind treasure.