Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday stuff

Oh how I wish my kitchen was this clean all the time...
We had a house showing on Saturday (in the middle of Parker's first basketball game and exchanging a clothes dryer at my mom's- she is upgrading hers so I received her new-old one) that lasted an hour and a half! Seriously. The realtor was pulling into the driveway as I was loading up my dog and dog cage so we could disappear for an hour while nosy people came to look at our house. By the way, she was 15 minutes early! I know because I left Parker's basketball game early to come back and get the dog and cage. Note to realtors, do not come early to showings, people need every minute to get ready for showings!!!

So we went to lunch and came back when the lookers were supposed to be gone and they were still here, for another 30 minutes! Big tall hubby and I parked at different sides of the street to wait for them to get the heck out and they emerged with two small children (hubby says maybe 2-4 years old). Now, let me just tell you, their realtor called to book the showing at 7:30 PM the night before. What do you think I did from 7:35 to 1:30 AM? That's right, cleaned and decluttered my butt off. Then like I said, had to get kids ready for basketball and dryer mania, and get dog and blah blah blah. My poor kids, I had wanted to have a relaxing Friday night of games and a movie, it was Zoe's birthday after all, but no, inconsiderate jerks call to see my house and give me like a minute's notice and THEN do not have the decency to call my realtor to give her feedback. That is the kicker that is making me so mad.

The big meanie heads were here, in my house, for 90 minutes with two small kids doing gosh knows what, and they haven't called my realtor to let her know what they are doing?! How rude. Seriously. I am so tired of this house nonsense. Not to be complaining or griping, but wouldn't you at least let the homeowner's realtor know something? I am convinced they just let their kids play with my kids' stuff while the grown ups sat around and discussed things. This whole episode just ruined my whole weekend. I know it shouldn't but it did. I was emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Ergh! I am glad it is Monday and my house is kind of messy, makes me feel like the whole thing didn't happen.

Don't even get me started on the water company people who just put a note on my door about a leak somewhere that may require them to tear up our yard... by the way, they did not even knock or ring the bell, just left a note! What is wrong with people?!

my menus for this week:
cheese tortellini and spinach stew
spaghetti (we haven't had this for two weeks, I think it is time)
tacos and taco salads
chef salads
turkey rollups and soup

my things to do this week:
hang new curtains for Zoe
drop off Goodwill boxes
finish my last thank you notes (3 or so to go)
sort my coupons, they are a mess!


Sarah said...

Happy belated bday to Tanner and Zoe! I have finally caught up on reading your posts-you are getting very consistant at posting-wish I could say the same :)

Oh, I remember a similiar experience last year when our house was on the market. I felt totally violated-I know that seems kinda extreme, but it is an emotional roller coaster and some people were just toooo rude. The people who ended up buying our house were the people I refused to leave for because they gave me 20 minutes notice and the baby was sleeping. They came to see the house while I took the boys next door, we all watched from the drive way and the baby stayed asleep in his room. They ended up coming back on a Sunday night for the second showing-wow that's a great day and time to come and see my house in the middle of winter. THEN after we finalized the offer they wanted to get back in the house and after they were there for an hour and a half I came home to find their kids playing in the basement and everyone else just hanging out watching-wierd! Can you tell it's still fresh ;) They were a piece a work, I could go on and on. It's ok to be upset-your husband may not "get it"(at least mine didn't), but us girls do. HUGS!

Have a great week-looks like another busy one.

Kerri said...

I agree Jenny...very inconsiderate and rude of them! When we sold our last house, we use to sit at the end of the street and watch the people come and go from our house...taking their good old time. It was so frustrating when we didn't get any feedback.
Hang in there! You have a beautiful will be the perfect fit for someone.

Kristin said...

Jenny I'm so sorry! that is so very frustrating. And to not get feedback-that just sucks. Always makes me wonder if they grabbed some snacks and just watched a little tv to pass the time.
And where do they think the homeowners go while they are there? That always pisses me off to, the ones that stay sooooooooooooo long or the no shows or the ones that come at mealtimes. Or the ones that do call and cancel but do it 20 minutes before showing when you've already cleaned like a banshee for hours.

Can you tell I'm sick of the house selling too :)

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

Ugh! Honestly I really feel horrible for you! Selling your house is the hardest, most frustrating time. Good luck and maybe the meanies will make an offer!

Happy belated to your daughter!!

Karen said...

You have a beautiful house!

Do you have a recipe you can share for that cheese tortellini and spinach stew? That sounds delicious!