Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not for the faint hearted

The basement where the kids play:
I am waiting for Peter Walsh to come and do some kind of intervention. I have been trying to get rid of toys slooooooowly but the kids are driving me crazy about it. "Mom, where is that dragon from McDonalds?" Yikes, Goodwill. "Mom, have you seen that bouncy thing we got from Chuck E. Cheese?" Oops, trash. It goes on and on. My kids are majorly attached to every little (and big) toy they have ever received. I swear I want to put one of those bug bombs in the basement and get rid of it all, bug bombs probably don't work on toys unfortunately. I have been kind of putting off getting rid of toys since we have had the house on the market. My reason, well, we will probably have to before loading up the truck and I'll be more apt to purge without regrets. I clean, they clean, and then five minutes later, it looks like this. They have too much, I know it. Something has to be done.

In the mean time...

I spent 45 minutes picking all this crap up because we are supposed to have a showing Saturday. I have decided that people with kids should not have to show their houses to sell them. Surely those properly staged photos on the internet are good enough, right? The rooms in those photos only look that good for five minutes anyway.


Back to work I go.


Sarah said...

Totally bringing back memories for me. We had that same basement last year. Don't worry, you will toss things you never thought possible when you are packing boxes :)

Becca said...

I kinda feel your pain...I understand the spending all kinds of time cleaning only to have it look like you haven't done a thing 5 minutes later, but not the house on the market thing. Oh...I've been wanting to sell this place for so long, but with the horror stories I hear about houses on the market...yikes! Hang in there!

Jill said...

I know the feeling too well! They never want to part with anything! good luck on your showing!


Kerri said...

Your basement doesn't look too bad to me! I was feeling bad the other day about getting rid of some of Brady's toys...but that goes away quickly...and so does the mess! I hope your showing on Saturday will be the last!