Wednesday, January 26, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Still sick, grr, now the annoying cough... I really hate that nurse who gave me the flu shot, almost as much as I hate myself for not standing up to her!!! So I probably am not the best person to talk about healthy living right now, but oh well...

Music To My Ears
I finally got one of these:
I have resisted for years. I have had the same MP3 player since Zoe was born. I actually love it. My big tall hubby could not believe that I didn't want an IPod (he is an I-Phone and Mac addict) and I just kept telling him "I don't want one!" I am like that for just about everything. I always feel like if "it ain't broke, don't fix it" or get a new one. Drives big tall hubby crazy.

Look at my cute little guy who has been there through all the baby weights- gains and losses, a slew of races, lots of walks in my neighborhood, massive cleaning sessions, and those times when I just want no one to talk to me: I call him: old blue.
Yes, the headphones are HUGE, but I love them. I pretend I am a DJ when I have them on. Just kidding! I hate those ear bud things. So annoying. Yes, it only holds about 50 songs and yes it is clearly outdated. Yes, it has a CD ( a teeny one but a CD nonetheless) see...
But let me tell you, those guys (and girls) at Sony know music. That little guy rocks out. I have been blasting my eardrums out almost every day for 8 years (don't tell my kids, I yell at them all the time "to turn it down already!) and the sound quality makes my really expensive IPod sound like a transistor radio in a tin can. No kidding. I love adjusting the bass and treble for songs and those big headphones pack a mighty thump! You know what else old blue has that the IPod doesn't? A radio! Woo! And it picks up tv channels too, yes I have listened to tv shows while walking my dog. I remember listening to Britney Spears' interview with Matt Lauer a few years ago and just feeling so sorry for her. See what I mean, the MP3 player is so awesome, except that I can can't put any new songs on it anymore. It just kind of quit and we can't figure out how to do it. Normally, I wouldn't complain but I depend on my music to help me through my runs and workouts. I was seriously going insane listening to the same songs over and over (even on shuffle it was making me crazy.) For the past year or so, I have been listening to Bob and Tom in the mornings. I know, I know, they are so obnoxious, but I used to listen to them all the time before kids, and I just crack up at their characters. Honestly, as funny as they are, they don't motivate me to run farther or faster. I have had to explain myself a bunch of times at the Y when I would bust out laughing while lifting weights. Guys get a little annoyed when they think you are laughing at them in the weight room.

So far I am not an IPod convert. I have had numerous problems with mine so far and I have wanted to throw it out the window and run over it with my van on more than one occasion. I am trying to be optimistic. Big tall hubby keeps telling me "it's intuitive, and so easy, you'll get it" then I want to throw him out the window and run over him with the van. I don't obviously. Until I begin to love my new toy I am still listening to Bob and Tom on old blue and IPod-ing it too. I'll get there eventually.

I know from lots of reading that listening to music while exercising does the following:
  • increases motivation
  • increases desire to exercise
  • those who listen to upbeat tunes burn more calories than those who don't (Shape magazine just listed this one again, last month)
  • obviously, makes that treadmill time seem to go by faster
  • makes exercise more fun and enjoyable
  • enables me to avoid the annoying chatty Cathy's at the gym (just kidding, that's my own reason!)
Just wanted to update you on my trainers...
Bob has joined my treadmill trainers. I love him. Look at him, just staring at me as I run and walk myself to fitness. He loves me too, I think. He is way more motivating than Jackie or Jillian to me right now, probably because I think he is so hot. ;)

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