Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not complainin' just sayin'

Today has been one of those days:
  • 2 hour delay for school, therefore, wasted crazy morning
  • I got paint on my clean white blouse and pink cashmere (the only one I own) sweater not from my painting but from cleaning up the kids' mess/creations from 2 hour delay
  • sick 5 year old therefore no school for him hence crazy busy afternoon for me
  • no water, water guys here fixing pipes, do you know how awful it is to be without water?! OMG! I am going crazy. It's really bad when you have to go potty...
  • can't cook dinner b/c no water
  • hubby working late
  • had to go out and stand in freezing cold to remind water guys not to break our sprinkler lines while they proceed to rip our yard to shreds, they just told me they would "try their best" in between puffs of their nasty cigarettes
  • spent 90 minutes cleaning 5 year old's room, seriously, he has way too many tiny toys (he helped, so that was good)
  • found out jerky people want to come look at our house again this weekend (they haven't even listed their own house, WTF is their hurry?????do they think this is five years ago when houses were actually selling?!) so mad, b/c I want to have a normal weekend with no house selling mania
So anyway, I am hoping to be back tomorrow with no grumpy posts... I'm on the hunt for some chocolate, there's got to be some around here somewhere...


Kerri said...

Oh man! Sounds like you need an evening out by! I know it stinks those people want to come back...although they might be the ONES?! I probably wouldn't go out of my way to tidy up for them...well, I probably would...never mind. Hope tomorrow's a better day. Try and do something just for you...that will make you feel better! :)

Becca said...

Hang in there Jenny! Thinking of you...