Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday stuff

Do not make these unless you are ok with eating an entire 11x13 pan of chocolatey, sugary goodness!
I made these Magic Cookie Bars only because I have decided I need to use some of the stuff I have been stockpiling. I found a random jar of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk leftover from Christmas fudge making, I think, so I decided to do something with it. Wow, have you ever searched their website? It is like an ooey gooey invitation to get fat and love every minute of it. I was overwhelmed.

Anyway, I found this recipe and it was super easy. The problem was, it was super easy to eat these too. I honestly do not know how many I ate. It is scary. Big tall hubby and kids had some too but not very many. I know because I just kept going back for "just one more bite." They are so yummy. Of course, as usual, I had to adapt the recipe. I didn't have coconut so I left that out, I am probably the only person in my house that would eat it anyway. And I didn't have peanuts so I crushed some almonds and sprinkled some coarse sea salt on the top. Big tall hubby said they were like a candy bar. Mmm, I wish I hadn't eaten them all, just one more bite would sure be yummy right now.

Go here for the recipe. Be sure to click around, it is heavenly.

My things to do this week:
  • I hope to make it back to Goodwill to actually shop (I am searching for a small shelf set/bookcase for my basement)
  • I am beginning my (scrapping/crafting) desk clean up/reorg (this one will probably reappear in the next few weeks)
  • I am going to try to get some sleep and hopefully feel better (still fighting this lingering, whatever it is sickness)
  • mail a birthday gift to my mother in law
  • help kids finish their Valentines for school
My menus for this week:
I don't have any big meals planned for this week. Maybe because I still feel icky and sick? Either way, I plan on making a lot of stuff from my freezer (I have tons of stuff in there- soups, sauces, frozen shrimp, dough for pizza, etc.)
I also have a sick child and I anticipate the others will get "it" too. So it will be a fly by the seat of my pants week as far as food goes.

Have a great Monday.


Kerri said...

I am all for ooey gooey goodness! Spring better hurry and get here so I can get out of the house! All this baking is doing a number on my's not pretty!

How did your showing go on Saturday?

Hope everyone feels better SOON!

Becca said...

hmmm...getting even more suspicious! Love those cookies...we called them 7-layer cookies and used pecans instead of peanuts...mmmmm. Cannot wait to see the desk organization...I'm still working on mine!

Jill said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!
That looks so yummy!! :-)
Hope you have a great week, how did your showing go Sat.?


Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon Jen. Can't wait to see the desk reorganization-I need some inspiration.