Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Movie Recommendations

This is how Parker prefers to watch Scooby Doo (yes, that is his Halloween costume, sometimes it's a skeleton mask instead.) The excitement never ends around here.
This cold weather makes us all want to hibernate, I know, me most of all. I realize I complain about it all the time. We have been watching lots of movies lately since I am really too much of a wuss to venture out in the below zero temps. (Really I just hate getting everyone's coats and hats and gear on... and oh seriously, the annoying part of buckling seat belts around those fat coats- ugh!)

We have rented two really good movies on the DVR (from our cable company). One for kids and one for us grown ups, you know for when the monkeys are finally asleep! And one just for me when big tall hubby had to chaperone a dance.

Kids: We watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and it is so funny. Zoe has read all the books and she was really excited to watch this one. Parker and I both enjoyed it, laughing and snorting throughout. Tanner watched too but probably because we had a giant bowl of popcorn. There were a whole bunch of teachable moments in the movie- times where I could say, "we would never do that would we?" and the kids totally understood what I meant. For those of you who are big time language listeners, I think they did say "stupid" once and "dumb" once, and there is a scene where they talk about butts, but it is so funny we just talked about it afterwards. On the whole I thought it was good for my kids (ages 8 & 5). They were talking about it for days.

Grown ups: Big tall hubby and I watched "the American" with George Clooney. This one is strictly for adults. Good story, lovely scenery, and George (if you are a fan) and hot italian women who show their ta tas (my hubby really liked this part- hey, he's regular guy just like the rest of them!). I normally fade out and fall asleep on the couch before grown up movies are done and big tall hubby has to tell me the parts I missed as I wake up for the final scene but this one kept me awake. Maybe it was all that gorgeous Italian landscapes? I will say, as for the nudey girls, I was glad George used REAL women who have REAL bodies (i.e. curves and a little jiggle!) thanks buddy, if I have to look at gratuitious boobs let them be realistic not porno fakes on a size 0 body! The ending is a surprise, at least it was for us.

For the mommy's all alone by themselves: I just watched "Easy A" with Emma Stone (I think is her name) and it was cute. A play on John Hughes 80's movies but with the 2010-ish twists- pod casts, texting, etc. I liked how Olive, title character, was so smart, brave, and caring, things I wish all teenaged girls would be. Plus her parents in the movie were completely hilarious.

So there you have it, just a few of my recommendations for the humdrum winter. These accompanied by a big tub of popcorn and m&m's make the night even better.


Kerri said...

That cracks me up that Parker is watching t.v. with his costume on!

Brady loved the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He got his first book for Christmas and just got the 2nd one on Saturday and already finished it.

We've been watching more movies/tv lately too as we hibernate and try to keep warm!

Becca said...

Glad to hear Diary of a Wimpy kid is good...the boys have been wanting to see it. Parker is such a cutie! Don't you love 5 year old little boys?

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

love the costume!!

thanks for the movie recommendations... we're always looking for something good to watch!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I took my nephews to see diary of a wimpy kid and they loved it! My boys 24,21 and 19 next week... weren't interested! ha!
OHHHHHHH!!!! That brought back so many memories of your little guy in the halloween costume! My boys did that ALL of the time! Batman was the fave.
I want to see that easy A. It looked cute.
My hubby will like the American I am sure, for the same reasons as your's! ( :
I agree, I love to hibernate in the winter too.
Have a pretty day!

Karen said...

You had me at John Hughes 80's type movie.