Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday-everyone is back to school, woo hoo!

Finally, everyone is back to school which means I can get back to somewhat normal. As "normal" as I can be, hee hee! You'd think that having the kids home one week and big tall hubby home the next would just be smooth sailing, but it really threw me for a loop. I definitely like my routines and schedules.

I am such a happy mommy right now. Tanner can officially say, "I love you." It just melts my heart so much. He says it kind of like, "I yuh you mama." Oh, so incredibly perfect. I say it to him about 3oo times a day just to hear him say it. Is there anything better? It definitely makes up for all the times I have to get up in the middle of the night to find his lost paci. :)
I yuh you too!

my things to do this week:
Pretty much repeats from last week... I am so behind on what I want to accomplish! Again, thank goodness spring breaks are over!!!

  • finish sorting pictures (only one more envelopes to go!!!)
  • order a few more pics from Walgreens (finishing up some projects, didn't get to do this last week)
  • mend two items: a pair of pants and a sweater (found two new ones but I did finish my projects from last week!)
  • clean my upstairs doors (major priority this week, I want to get er done!)
  • clean/purge from my cleaning cabinet
  • schedule a gutter cleaning
  • get Easter candy (yummo!)
  • place an Amazon order... been wanting to do this for a while, I have about a mile long list
my menus for this week:
I just realized I never made a menu for this week! Yikes. See what being off schedule does to me? It will be a week of stuff I didn't make last week and freezer/pantry meals. We'll do ok, definitely none of us will go hungry. :)

  • lasagna and salad (didn't make this last week as planned b/c I forgot to get ricotta cheese)
  • shrimp alfredo and roasted broccoli (planned for last week but never made it)
  • after that, not sure...


Kerri said...

So're right, there's nothing sweeter!
Glad your kiddos are back to school!
Oh, and I have never bought anything on I missing something?

Jen said...

Now you can get some things done right...Enjoy your week!
I totally understand the feeling!