Wednesday, April 13, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday

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I don't know about you, but I hardly ever get to watch tv. Sure it's on a lot around here (not that I like that- I prefer the radio) but hardly ever to what I want to watch. Big Tall Hubby has control of the remote when he is home, unless I beg him to let me watch some reality tv like Real Housewives, he usually picks stuff I would never watch, ever. Then the kids, well they watch a lot of PBS and stuff on-demand that I allow them to watch. As soon as I sit down (rare occasion!) to watch something, inevitably, someone is screaming, crying, bleeding, needing a drink, hitting someone else, generally doing anything to prevent me from watching tv. Kind of bugs me, a lot.

Monday, I was getting ready to turn the tv off after the boys watched "Super Why" and I happened to catch the beginning of "Ellen." I love her show when I get to watch it, maybe three or four times a year. Her opening monologue cracked me up.** She was talking about the warm weather and how everyone was outside exercising. Then she said why does everyone have to wear the skin tight spandex when they ride bikes nowadays (I totally agree- what the heck is that all about?!). And then she talked about how it must be the natural progression in losing weight. It went something like this: first you make a new year's resolution to loose weight, then you join a gym, then you get a yoga DVD and a juicer and then you ride your bike in spandex. I was cracking up so bad, I think I snorted, loudly, twice.

Isn't that so true? I mean, don't we all try all the latest gimmicks and products to be healthy? How about those bracelet things everyone is wearing that allegedly promote balance and improve your athletic ability. Big Tall Hubby and I noticed the only people we see wearing these in our area are the people who look like they haven't been athletic in a few decades. Anyway, I guess it is true that the only way to really be healthy is to eat the best foods for your body and be active, whether or not you choose to wear spandex.

** I tried to find the opening monologue from Monday and I guess they don't post those. They totally should.

My workout song recommendation for this week: "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder. Here is a link. (Youtube did not have a video, just the song.) I love Stevie, this song is from his Songs in the Key of Life CD which is a must have in my opinion. You'd be so surprised at how many awesome songs he has made, you kind of forget. This was the song Ellen danced to on Monday, by the way. I love the dancing part of her show, probably because I dance around all the time too. It reminded me to add this one to my playlist. Great bass and trumpets throughout.

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