Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain rain, go the heck away already!

Our Yoshino Cherry tree- just like the ones in Washington DC, only smaller (not sure if I spelled it right- sorry)
We are having so much rain it is ridicuous. It is really causing havoc for me. Seriously. I have so many errands to run and so many weeds to attend to, that I just cannot do because of the terrential downpours we are having, every, single, day. I took this picture of our cherry tree (we've only had it two years so it is a baby) on the one afternoon that we had sun in two weeks. We have had some crazy thunderstorms too, Tanner and Max (my supercute/annoying pug) cried all night long last night, I was really grumpy this morning after no sleep.

My things to do list is not getting taken care of because a lot of the things I want to do involve me running in and out of the car carrying things. I don't know about you but lugging boxes and stuff in the pouring rain is completely un-fun and downright frustrating. Today, I had to go to the post office and CVS and wouldn't you know it, Tanner took a big old stinky in CVS. I had to pick up Parker and drive 20 minutes home and there was no way in you-know-where that I was going to smell that the whole way home (pregnancy sniffer runs on supercharged for me every time!). So, I had to change him, in the pouring rain, in the CVS parking lot. That was it. I said, forget it. I am going home and I did (after I picked Parker up of course) and now I am just puttering around my house trying to decide what to tackle first. I tried to pull some weeds yesterday and my feet were sinking in the beds from the over-raining, hopefully not because I am so freakin' huge! So weeding won't get done for a couple days either and it really needs to be done. Don't you just hate it when your plans for the day are all wrecked. I was looking forward to a really productive day and hoping to cross lots off my list. Ho hum, that's life I guess.

I know I'll be praying for rain in a couple months when our yard is dying and I am too fat/pregnant/sweaty/uncomfortable to water things so remind me of this when that time comes. Thanks.

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Kerri said...

I am feeling your pain Jenny! I am so sick of all this rain...it seems like we've had one kinda sunny day in weeks. We have rain today (again, of course) and all through the holiday weekend. I just want some sun! I either need to get some special happy medicine...or whip up some margaritas ASAP!
And one last thing, don't even get me started on rain and my big frizzy hair...it's not pretty!

Enjoy your day...regardless! :)