Thursday, April 28, 2011

one rotten dog for sale (not really)

Photo by Parker, see his foot there on the right?
OK, so you know I have this pug who I love/hate. Max. He was my first baby. I took him everywhere and dressed him up gave him fries when I picked up McDonalds for my big tall hubby. I took him to the annual pug gathering in Cincinnati. I walked him a lot. Bathed him, brushed him, treated him to new toys, all that good doggy momma stuff.

Then we had a baby (Zoe). He took it pretty well. He was still an ok dog. Well we had two more babies (Parker and Tanner) and he became more and more of a dog and less of a baby. My love for Max has not diminished, but my patience has. I know have less time to devote to my pup but I still take him places, give him baths, brush him, give him toys, (no more fries because he has "bowel problems") just not quite as often.

I think he senses my frustration. Do you think a dog gets so "pissed" at you that he will actually go and show it in your house? Max has started to pee in the kids' rooms. Sometimes on their toys or in the closets, always when we are outside playing. OK, I know I used to let him out there with us but my annoying neighbor throws his compost on the ground (not in his composter that is three feet away- a whole different post some other time) so I cannot let him outside freely. He runs over to the neighbor's house and chows down on all that trash and then his "bowel problems" manifest themselves all over my house. We aren't allowed to have a fence because we live on a golf course (golfers have to have access to your yard in case a ball finds its way in!) so I am stuck.

I swear I just want to scream when he does this (sometimes I do!). We have been gating off the upstairs but let's face it, I have three kids (and a big tall hubby) and sometimes they forget to close the gate. So I have one rotten dog for sale but not really because I would kind of miss his snorting self. Grr! That is me growling, not him.


Kristin said...

What about hooking him to one of those dog stakes you put in the ground? They are kind of tacky, I know but we use one at my parents house because they don't have a fenced yard. They sometimes get tangled though. Just a thought.

Kerri said...

Hmmmm...wondering if Max is a little passive aggressive?! :) At least he's cute! I don't think I have the patience for a dog!

Sarah said...

Don't tell Max this, but I think he's just a grumpy old man. I know, because I have one. His name is Trucker and he gets his undies in a bunch all the time. Trucker will be 70 this year and let's just say so will be my dad...I have experienced grumpy and old and men.

Trucker is my first baby, the bigest pain in my rear, and the greateast security guard all rolled up in one. On a daily basis I find him incredibly annoying, yet totally unreplaceable. Like Max, he is for sale every other minute :)

One thing we have done is gotten the kids more involved. They are required to love on him and I can some times get Holden to walk him. I also take him for a lot of rides so he feels like part of the family.

I don't know-I think we might just have to love them and their senior moments :)

Jen said...

My dog has accidents in the house too. Aggravating for sure. I mean what is it that they can go all night without an accident, then you leave them alone for 30 min and there is pee on the floor.
We still have our crate for that very reason.
Max is really cute though, I agree!

Becca said...

How frustrating to have to deal with that on top of everything else! Feeling for you...he is pretty cute though Jenny :)

Jill said...

Sounds like he is looking for attention. After you rule out a bladder infection, that would be my guess. Having 4 of my own, I've been here too. Luckily we have a fenced in yard. Hopefully things will get better for you soon. I know how frustrating that can be. Especially when you are trying to show a home. Wishing you the best!

Karen said...

Just checking in on you...I've missed your posts! I hope all is going well. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Sarah said...

All right Organized Mommy-where are you??!! I checked up on you(via Kristin), so I know your ok...but I miss you :) Stay away from your blog as long as you need, but know that we are thinking about you.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

OHHHHHHHHH Max! He sounds like he is a stinker... but, seriously ... how can you not love that face!
I know! A GOOD TIME is blogging isn't it! heehee!
Have a pretty day!