Friday, April 8, 2011

Pregnancy gives people brain farts

My cuties...

So lately I must admit my belly has well, popped. You gals know what I mean. Strangers can tell that I am pregnant, or they think I am hitting the M&M's really hard, either way, people can see a rather large bump.

I am 25 weeks along and the time is flying. I just realized I have to start getting ready for the next bambino and it is kind of freaking me out. I know I have had a long time to think about it already but still when reality kicks in, it is kind of scary.

I told you yesterday that I have been getting some strange and not so nice comments about our upcoming addition. I thought I'd share some with you, just because I know you'll be just as miffed as I was.

So my bootcamp instructor who is by the way, the sweetest guy ever besides my big tall hubby, has been calling me "mama" for a few weeks. That is not what bothered me, he knows my name but I think my new nickname is kind of endearing. Last week, we were doing some planks and I was doing a modified version that works my arms rather than my abs and he came up to me (in front of everyone) and said, "you ok?" I said, "yep." And then he said, "well, I know you have some extra weight there to hold up." OK, really bootcamp guy, (I know his name but bootcamp guy sounds funnier), do we have to point it out and say it loud enough for everyone to hear?! I am not mad at him but I was surprised, the guy is super nice and I think he must have had some sort of brain fart. His wife is in our class too so I am hoping she took him home and gave him a good talking to!

Then, Big Tall Hubby was talking to a guy from his old school who said, "I heard you have some news!" To which BTH said, "un huh, how about that!?" His buddy said, "does she ever put her shoes on?" Then BTH told me the conversation and I was a bit T.O.ed. Really? We have to reference barefoot and pregnant? Grr. I was not liking him (the guy, not BTH) very much. I still haven't gotten over that one. I was barefoot at the time, just don't tell him that!

Then, at spinning class, one of the regulars asked me if this was baby #2. I said, "nope, #4." He said, "GIRL, you are better than me. Good luck with that one (sarcastic tone, eyes bugging out) and call me in about 10 years, I want to hear all about it." Now that comment doesn't sound too bad but it was his tone and facial expression that did it. I wanted to punch him but class was starting so I just kept spinning. See, brain fart.

Notice all these comments are from men. Hmm. Men who have wives and children. So they have been through this before and I feel like they should know better. Shame, shame, shame!

Then, (my high school english teacher would love all these "thens"!) Parker's preschool teacher (a lovely lady by the way) told me I looked "great" and "so small!" I wanted to hug her. I think she is teacher of the year.

I know all of us have had strangers and friends make comments about our baby bumps so I try to keep that in mind when I see a mother to be. I only say how lovely she is and how tiny her belly is and "really, I can't believe you are that far along! You look fantastic." Who cares if it is true or not? Deep down we all want to believe others think we are beautiful and wonderful.

Have a great weekend. I am hoping for warm weather and sunshine. :)


Karen said...

Oh Jenny. You made me laugh! People do make some doozies of comments to pregnant ladies! I remember one from when I was expecting my first child. I was still working as the director at a child care center. I was probably about 7-8 months along at the time and had just given out a letter to all the parents explaining that I'd be leaving to have my child, but that I wouldn't be returning to work. A woman whose child had recently enrolled in our center stopped by my office to talk to me about the letter. And, she said to me, " I didn't even know you were pregnant. I just thought you were a happy chubby person." What???!!!

Kristin said...

Jenny, You look lovely-now and always. You are a fabulous mom.

I remember being pregnant with Z and Chris and I used to walk the malls and people watch (we were in Atlanta-there were lots of malls and lots of people). I was about 7 months along but Z was like a huge basketball under my shirt and a woman in a jewelry store said "You aren't in labor are you?" No, we just like walking around "Well you are huge so I wasn't sure." Great, thanks, appreciate that.

Kerri said...

I'm sure you look amazing Jenny. Some people should just smile and not say anything! At least you are time I was shopping and the clerk asked when I was due? I wasn't even expecting! Of coure, I was in Motherhood Maternity looking for a gift! ;)

Jen said...

I dont have anything to blame my brain farts on....I need a good creative excuse.
Its about time we see a belly popping pic! said...

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Sarah said...

ummmm...are you sure it's Amazon your placing an order with and not the Gucci Outlet Store. If they are reading your blog you MUST be one of their biggest customers! :)

My husband would totally be one of those dorks making rude comments(sorry Todd but it's the truth!), he can't wrap his mind around anyone wanting four kids...I know RUDE! Let's just say I am VERY lucky to have had a third. If getting pregnant hadn't involved a little you know what he would have never agreed.

I am certain you are looking perfectly fit and cute as a button. A little button. One of those little buttons on the collars of mens shirts-that's how little I bet you are!! hugs.