Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Easter pictures

Thought I'd share some Easter pictures with you...

Tanner is enjoying his first peep. (my favorite Easter candy) For some reason, he is always on the kitchen island counter. I swear I pull him off there ten times a day.
I think he likes it!
Here they are dying eggs. I swear, I almost FORGOT to let them dye eggs. What the heck kind of mom does that? I felt terrible. And do you know how hard it is to find organic, cage free, white eggs? I never found any. We used brown ones. Believe it or not, they turned out really pretty. Kind of vintage looking, almost Martha-ish!
Tanner was an egg dying maniac. He was dunking them faster than I could keep up. We colored 24 eggs. What in the world will we do with all those eggs? Good thing everyone around here likes eggs (and no allergies!).
Here we are at the in-law's house trying to get a family photo. (Can I ever get a picture without a pug butt in it?!) Notice how I am trying to hide behind the chair. *read more about this below* This was the best one we got, not saying much, I guess it is better than none. Please ignore my overgrown hairdo, need a cut bad!

I am really proud of the kids' clothes this year. I picked them out all by myself. Usually my mom generously buys them outfits on her spring trip to Florida but this year she bought them some more casual stuff. I was totally OK with that. I appreciate all the lovely things she buys them and it was kind of fun to pick stuff out myself. That is, until Monday evening, when I realized none of them had appropriate shoes to wear (or clean ones for that matter!). It turned out fine, Target to the rescue. Thankfully they had sizes for all three of them, that is usually not the case.

Why oh, why is it so impossible to find age-appropriate clothes for an 8 year old girl? I mean, every dress I looked at was something I wouldn't want a 16 year old to wear and shoes, forgettaboutit! They had higher wedge heels than I would wear. I searched and searched and found an appropriate dress and sandals at Target.
Boys are so much easier to dress. Khakis and dress shirts rule. I wanted to get him a vest or a tie but nothing matched this green checked shirt and I loved it so. He looks cute, right? That kid has had a lollipop in his hand for three days straight, he loves them so he is very blissful.
And this guy, was he ever proud of his tie! Holy moly, he was about to bust, he couldn't wait to be dressed just like daddy and he wants to wear it to school. Isn't that sweet?
Northern Ohio is not a good place to have an Easter egg hunt. It is always cold. For the last few years we have had snow but this year it was torrential rain instead. I don't know which is worse.
Yes, the kids are wearing their jammies. They couldn't wait to find the eggs the Easter bunny left for them.
**OK, here are some more unsolicited pregnancy comments from people we encountered on our recent family visit. These are not edited and I won't tell you who said them, just know they all stung and hurt my feelings and made me want to smack people. Hard.**

1. Wow, is the doctor worried that you are that big already?
2. Are you going to go for #5, like Kate plus 8? I know you love her.
3. I was big with my last baby too. Don't worry.
4. I thought you said you were working out while you were pregnant?
5. You're due in July, how are you going to last that long? You are really big.
6. It is going to be fun to see you swimming this summer.
7. You're lucky, your face doesn't look too fat.
8. You just gained weight all over huh? That's better than just your belly I guess.
9. It seems like you are so much bigger this time around than you were with the other kids.
10. I'll bet you can't wait to go back to Weight Watchers.

I promise you, I am not making these up! My relatives actually said these to me. These are just the things I remember, there might have been more but I am mentally blocking them.

Remember what I said before... only tell pregnant women that they are "so small" and they have the most beautiful hair and skin you've ever seen. Anything else is just plain mean.

Forgot to post these yesterday:

My things to do this week:
  • get out summer shoes/put away winter shoes
  • get out bigger clothes for Tanner
  • drop off Goodwill items
  • get clips put in my new cycling shoes
  • clean house and catch up laundry
My menus for this week:
  • spaghetti (request from kids) and broccoli
  • tacos (another request)
  • chicken quesidillas and rice/beans
  • egg salad sandwiches (adults) and boiled eggs and fruit (kids)
  • spinach and mushroom frittata


Becca said...

I CANNOT believe people actually said those things to you! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! I could hardly tell you were pregnant in that picture! Screw 'em sista! Cute Easter pics. I love me some peeps too, but oddly didn't eat one this year. Maybe I can find some on clearance :)

Kristin said...


You are beautiful. Next time tell them to go fly a kite. (or other choice words you can fill in the blank :)

Sarah said...

I love the family picture! Thanks for sharing with us. You know several people are having this baby with you so we need pics of tummy progress and such. You look beautiful(and not even pregnant) and those family member(geez louise!) can just get some manners. I found that after the first people said less and less with each pregnancy-I guess they pipe back up with the 4th.

I didn't color eggs with my kids-I know-what kind of mom am I! Your the best and your kids are super lucky.