Wednesday, April 27, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday + random stuff

Lookie at what I got! Woo! My very own cycling shoes. I have wanted a pair forever but they just always seemed like such an extravagance.
I was at the bicycle shop with my mom a month or so ago (she was buying Parker a new bike- isn't she sweet?) and I saw these on the 50 % off table. I kept looking at them, even tried them on, but I didn't get them. I thought it was crazy to buy a pair of shoes for a workout I do once a week! My mom told me to get them but I just couldn't do it. She surprised me by getting them for me a couple weeks later. (told ya she was sweet) I finally got a chance to go to the shop and get the pedal clips installed. Now I can ride with my feet locked into the pedals at my spinning class. Oh my goodness, what a difference! I swear I would have never believed it if I hadn't tried it myself. I wore them to class Tuesday and I cannot wait to go back next week.

Now I want to get my real bike fitted with pedals so I can wear these outside too. I am hoping to do this after the baby is born. I am scared to ride my real bike outside with my big belly. I know people do it all the time but I am so afraid of falling. I don't mind waiting a bit. These were just the inspiration I needed to keep exercising as I get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger....

A song for you to add to your workout playlist...
I am not a huge Boss fan but I love this song. Obviously when I run it is really inspiring but I love how it builds faster and faster at the end. Plus, when he says, "whoa-oa-ooooh" I just want to sing out loud with him. I probably do sometimes, sorry YMCA friends (or neighbors). If you haven't seen this in a while, watch, is it me or does Bruce seem cuter now that I am older? I never saw his cuteness when I was young. Hmm, just wondering.

Now some random stuff:

Today I am......

soaking clothes in Oxiclean, stains don't stand a chance against me!
eating gobs of Tums because apparently I cannot eat broccoli without feeling like I ate it all day and all night! Heartburn stinks.
taking this glucose test tonight at the doctor. When I was pregnant with Zoe, I remember thinking this was a test to take towards the end of pregnancy and it seemed like I would never have to drink this stuff. So when they gave it to me at my last appointment I almost choked. Really? It's time, already?!
Have a great day everyone!


Jill said...

Sounds like some neat shoes! Enjoy!
Oh, I remember the glucose tests yuck...good luck! ;-)

Karen said...

Oh that glucose drink! How well I remember that. NICE cycling shoes too!

Kerri said...

How come I don't remember the glucose drink?
I always wondered if those cylcling shoes made a big difference or not...glad you like yours! And, what a sweet mom you have!

Sarah said...

As I've gotten older I am totally into Bruce, John Cougar, and all those guys I thought were old fogies years ago. It scares me! What the heck is happening to my musical taste-my husband is not proud.

Great shoes-peddle your liitle heart out!

Becca said...

Missing you Jenny! Hope everything is ok..