Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday stuff

Easter came and went with a flash. I swear, it just flew by. We were visiting family in northern Ohio and it was cold and rainy. We had a nice visit.

But after our drive home, my house looks like this...

Easter candy and treats and stuff. Everywhere.
Kid bags of "stuff" everywhere. I'll probably end up putting this "stuff" away too, grr.
Loads of laundry. Lots of loads. Tons of shoes to put away, why the heck am I the only one who sees this as gross and annoying?
Look at my Easter cuties. I love them all dressed up almost as much as when they are all dirty and grimy. (as always, there is a nosy pug in my picture... looking for a dropped jelly bean probably)
I will post some more tomorrow but I start to break out in hives and have a racing heart beat when my house looks like this. Have a great day Bloggy Mommas.


Sarah said...

inhale...exhale...I know the feeling. Get's me all crazed when there are piles. Glad you had a nice holiday, even if it rained.

Kerri said...

I wish I had an island that BIG for all my stuff! :)
Great picture of your cuties!!

Becca said...

Oh but that does look familiar! Hahaha. Glad you had a good Easter.

Jess said...

my house looks the same!! ughh! it was one of those days when i would accomplish one thing on my "to do" list and add on 4 MORE things..oh well...hoping for a productive Tuesday!!!

Jen said...

I have many piles of all kinds of stuff to tend to also! You really are due lots of sunshine!