Thursday, April 7, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday- except it's Thursday

My guys at the zoo- checking out the elephants
Aren't they so cute? Sorry about the obnoxious recycling can in this one...

Will everyone please go back to school/work so I can blog already?! Just kidding. Big Tall Hubby has his spring break this week (kids last week) and he has been working on a big project for his PhD classes so I was away from the computer again. Actually, yesterday was one of those days. You know what I mean? I was spilling stuff left and right, dropping things, spending all day in the car running errands, eating goodness knows what because of all that running, finishing laundry at 10:30 PM so our bed would be cleared enough for us to actually get in it! Yep, one of those days.

Anyway, so I love to talk about my love/hate relationship with being healthy and I am finding it so hard to not be discouraged about gaining weight. Now before you get all "but you are pregnant dummy!" on me, I know that but it is sooooooooo hard to gain weight and not feel guilty/mad/frustrated/gross even when you are pregnant. I mean, I am one of those gals who has not been blessed with the naturally skinny gene so this is hard. This has been a life long battle. Trying to be healthy and still enjoy life is tough, you know. I hate just giving in, losing control. To let go. To surrender to Mother Nature, scares the control freak in me to death. I always think, how can I get any bigger than this?! How am I going to lose this dang weight in a few months? Why did I eat that cookie? Does the doctor really have to weigh me? Didn't these pants fit last week? Did my arms just jiggle as I waved to my daughter on the school bus? The mind racing thoughts are so terrible and would make for an interesting session with a psychologist.

AND Big Tall Hubby is on a losing weight marathon. That is making it so much worse. I just see him cinching his belt and looking all skinny in the face and I feel a groan coming on, jealously stinks. He is getting smaller and I am getting well, huger. I am so proud of him. I am so happy for him. He got his cholesterol checked a month or so ago and his number were high, not scary high but so much so that our doctor said, "lose weight or you'll be needing medicine or worse." So I have been helping Big Tall Hubby by making more healthy meals and encouraging him to exercise more giving him lots of Weight Watcher tips and advice. He jumped in feet first. He is hardly snacking at all. I have to go to the store all the time to buy more apples! He gave up soda. He didn't eat any of the cookies me and the kids made last week or this week (who did!? I'll never tell!) He is doing so great. He has lost about 20 pounds so far. I mean, guys they just do a few things and whammo! They lose a ton of weight. Just stinks. For us women, I mean. See, jealousy is wretched.

Anyway, I am trying to enjoy being pregnant even with all the crazy comments people have said recently (maybe I will share some tomorrow). I am trying to give in to some of the baby's cravings, they are certainly not mine! ;) I am still exercising and trying to adhere to my Weight Watchers training and principals but by golly it doesn't make me any less envious of those who will be enjoying a skinny summer with their thighs not rubbing together!

Oh, a good song to download to your workout playlist...
"Brand New Day" by Sting
I was on the elliptical this morning and it came on and it was just like, "ahh" totally a refreshing, uplifting, love-the-lyrics kind of song. It has a slow build and I think it just fit perfectly to my workout this morning. In fact, I hit "repeat" and listened to it again!

you can see it here, really goofy video (sorry Sting, I still love you tons babe) but awesome song: Brand New Day


Kerri said...

I've had a sick boy home for 3 days now that I'm fighting w/ to get my turn on the computer...know how you feel!

I hope you are able to enjoy yourself while pregnant and have those little treats. You are an expert when it comes to losing weight...and it will take you no time to get back into shape after your little one arrives. It will be so much easier for you since you're in shape already!

Congrats to your husband! My husband can always make a few changes and lose weight fairly quickly too...definately makes me jealous!

Karen said...

I hear ya! I hear ya! I am so tired of weight always being an issue. Even if I'm at a weight where I'm happy (and it's been a LOOOOONG time since I've been there), I'm still thinking about how to stay there. My husband on the other hand is a naturally lean guy. He has a metabolism that would make most people jealous. Over the winter he'll gain a few pounds (like 3-5, that's it) and he'll start moaning about how he's getting paunchy. Are you kidding me???

Anyway, I hope your pregnancy is going well. How far along are you?

Becca said...

Oh Jenny...I know how hard it is to be pregnant and growing and growing and wondering..."what if this time I can't loose it?" I know you will! You are an inspiration to many and you've made a commitment to are nothing if not disciplined! Your to do lists always amaze me. Don't feel bad for chowing on a cookie now and then...:)

Rachel said...

Ahhh---the balance of being pregnant and enjoying gaining weight. You will lose it and you can. :)

Great song by Sting, by the way.