Friday, September 9, 2011


Clearly, I have a problem.
I was getting breakfast ready this morning and I turned around and started cracking up. Who has three clipboards on their counter (and one more hanging nearby)? Only nutjobs like me who are addicted to things being orderly.

The closest one: my little "things to do" one (it is smaller than a regular sized board, this picture doesn't show it), it has my weekly list, future lists, and other random things I clip on there. See the card/envelope? I need to write that person a thank you card. I carry this one in my purse and in the car because I have a mental problem. Seriously, I feel like weights get lifted off me if I write down the things that float in and out of my brain all day.

The middle one: my recipe/meal planner one. I put clipped (or printed) recipes on here that I want to try really soon and I also put the week's recipes on here so I can grab them quick during meal prep. I also keep a very sophisticated meal planning sheet on here, ha ha! I just write a list on note paper for the week. I used to use a planning calendar but then I would get all mad when I had to cross off a day because we didn't eat what I had planned, it made the calendar look icky, see, mental problems!

The farthest one: my grocery list. I keep a check sheet on here that I can write on as I need it. I also take this one to the store with my coupons, reusable bags, baby seat with baby of course, cart seat cover for two year old, snacks for two year old, big coupon binder, ugh, going to the grocery is an ordeal! I seriously need to figure out a better method.

The one hanging nearby: (sorry not in picture but it is close, trust me!) my chore/cleaning one. I put my chores on here for the house (not the same as things to do) as well as the kids' jobs. Things like: clean fingerprints off stair railings, something I am going to do later today, fun! The kids do not refer to this list, it is just for my sanity, again, have to write it down or I lose sleep. Actually they were saying how I need to make them a new schedule since "we don't use our old one" (their words) HA! I was still using the old system but the dingalings didn't pay the least bit of attention. Maybe a post on that later.

Do you think I should start my own 12 step program for clipboard-a-holics? I'm probably the only one out there so I guess I am on my own.

Have a super great weekend.


Kerri said...

I am laughing because you also have pens on all the clipboards! I am a list maker too...only my lists are just on sheets that lay around on the counter, desk, etc. I have a daily one and an ongoing one. I love your idea of using clipboards...especially for to do, groceries and menus/coupons. I know what I'll be looking for the next time I go to target! So many times I sit my scrap piece of paper on the counter and it gets wet....drives me crazy! Thanks for the I can be mental like you! ;)

Beloved's Bride said...

I am list maker too! But, I don't have a clipboard addiction! ;) Instead, I have a container addiction! A very large container addiction!!! I have a large binder for my recipes that gets hidden underneath the cabinet! Chores list is just in my head due to creature of habit perfection. Pathetic, I know! And, grocery list is hidden on top of the refrigerator because I can't stand anything on my counters! See! I am think I am more fruity! ;)