Thursday, September 8, 2011

summer vs. winter

Up to now, my kids were all winter babies. The pluses: they naturally want to be all snug and warm so wrapping them up does not seem like I am torturing them AND I could hide in sweats and bulky clothes until I lost all the "baby weight."

Now I have a summer baby. And of course he was born in THE hottest summer I can remember. So I feel terrible wrapping him up in blankets and clothes. The pluses for him: I get to see all his yummy skin, wrinkles, dimples, and his loooooong arms! And those bare feet, love 'em! It is definitely a negative that I can't get back into my regular clothes yet, I have been itching to wear my capri jeans and my white summer pants but now it is past Labor Day so I guess that's not a good choice. (Believe me, if I could fit it my old pants, I'd be wearing them no matter what day it was!) So forgive me if this is short, I am going to go try my new Jillian Michaels DVD... skinny jeans you can't hide from me forever!
cute outfit provided by Gigi, don't you love this hat!?

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Kerri said...

He looks like he's ready for the beach!
Soon you will start wearing jeans and sweatshirts and sweaters...and I'm sure by the time spring comes around you will look fabulous! Let me know how you like the new cd! I took my first spin class yesterday since school let out for the summer...and then got talked into taking another hour class after that of sculpting. Boy am I sore today! I am not feeling so good about myself since not working out all summer....ugh!