Monday, September 12, 2011

terrible twos

How do you make a two year old happy?
Get him new Scooby crocs.
These have made Tanner so happy. Having a big brother means most of his stuff is hand me downs but I am kind of weird about shoes. Shoes kind of form to your own individual feet and it feels funny to wear someone else's shoes, don"t you think? Parker had Scooby crocs too and I think they would fit Tanner now but I thought he deserved something special for himself.

He got sick last week and putting on these shoes and showing everyone (neighbors, mailman, dry cleaners...) really brightened his days. Then this weekend, he became possessed. I am not kidding. My sweet, even-tempered, agreeable boy has turned into a little bull-headed devil. This morning he threw THE WORST FIT EVER! (of all my kids so far) I was sweating and all my forehead veins were pulsating trying to maintain control and composure, it was ugly. I finally got him calmed down but honestly it was scary, is this what they call the terrible twos? If so, I am not going to have any part of it! Nosireebob! Zoe and Parker were good two year olds, it was their threes that about killed me. I am hoping Tanner is trying to recover from his cold and just cranky, if not Lord help me, one of us might not survive this stage.

my things to do this week:
  • deep clean my computer room
  • plan/execute birthday dinner for my mom
  • clean house for birthday party
That's it, I know there are gobs more things I want to do but getting ready for a get-together will be all I have time to do.

my menus for this week:
a couple repeats from last week because we didn't eat them yet- salmon and tuna dinners (have to save those kind of dinners for nights big tall hubby is home1)
  • tomato, zucchini and ricotta tartlet with salads
  • sausage and white bean stew with roasted carrots
  • pasta with smoky paprika and bacon and salads
  • potato soup with ? not sure yet
  • tacos (must have at least one meal the kids will eat for sure!)

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Bring Pretty Back said...

Why was he having a fit???