Wednesday, September 28, 2011

let's be real here people

Even organized mommies have messy houses sometimes....

parachute guys on the floor
books, toys, bags, everywhere (my therapy for later- a People magazine, hey, don't judge, it's better than what I really wanted, a Snickers bar!!!)
piles of laundry, every-freakin'-where
coupons to sort, yes they are on my stove, I was running out of counter space
see, I told you I was running out of counter space!
recycling to take out
Blech! Can you see how I get all mommie-dearest crazy? Instead of "no wire hangers!" I am usually screaming "no more piles!" I know we all have days like this but sometimes don't you just feel like that hamster running on his wheel? All that effort for not much reward. **sigh**


Kerri said...

Someday for sure, you will miss the mess! (That's what I'm told anyway!)

Where did you get the parachute guys! I remember those from when I was growing up! I think my son would like them too!

Karen said...

It's refreshing to see these pictures! We're all real people living real lives and sometimes we all have real messes.

And, hey! I totally get the People magazine for future relaxation. You should probably read it along with that Snickers! Back in my single days, I always looked forward to my 'hair coloring days'. I'd buy a box of home hair color, a fun magazine (a lot of times it was People), and a bag of M&M's. Then after I put the color in my hair I'd read my magazine and eat my M&M's while waiting for the time to wash it out. I miss those days....

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i love people magazine and have a messy house (most days). all the school stuff gets the best of me!