Thursday, September 29, 2011

still keepin' it real

This might be one of the worst pictures of me, ever, except for my 6th grade school picture when I was rocking the Valley Girl hair cut and glasses and braces...
First, let me say, thanks to all of you who commented yesterday. I appreciate all your sweet sentiments about how I looked. I needed it, really. This is a picture from a couple weeks ago, outside at Parker's soccer game. I hated it. I was so bummed. I tried to edit out my pouchy belly and just looking at my flabby arms makes me sad. And my face, ick, is it really that chubby looking? (Do not answer that!) Don't even get me started on the size of my "girls" those things need their own zip codes. Anyway, I was feeling really low. I saw more pics from Asher's baptism and I was looking so round and out of shape. I was really feeling low.

Then I came home and was sorting through the mounds of magazines I have been getting lately. I started reading a Baby Talk and it said new moms should not even try to lose weight the first 8 weeks and it should take about 9-10 months to lose all the baby weight. Ugh, really? Then I checked the Us Weekly blog (I should not do this, but I do everyday, I am hooked, it's like crack) and so many of the Hollywood stars that have had babies are boom! Right back in their bikinis and skinny jeans, makes me sick!

I am so tired of wearing sweat pants. I am trying to be creative with my yoga pants and the one pair of semi-dressy pants that fit. But really, they're still elastic waist pants!!! I am dying to get back into my jeans and khakis. Right now, my jeans won't go up over my thighs. Not kidding. I know, I have been here before, three other times to be exact, but this is just that phase where you are no longer pregnant, your baby is getting bigger, you want to be normal. Exercise seems like just another thing to do when all you want to do is sleep, a lot. I am trying super hard to not be impatient or too hard on myself but it is really difficult.

So again, thanks for the boosts yesterday. Blog buddies sure know how to make you feel better. (Please do not feel obligated to boost me today. I am just ranting and feeling sorry for myself, just one of those days! You all know how that is.)


Kerri said...

At least you have an excuse not to fit into your jeans! I have zero excuses! Mine fit, but are just so dang tight! I need to get the 10 lbs off that I gained...I'm trying, I'm off to spin this morning...but it's so hard! I think you look great. You have done it before and have all the right tools to do it again. Plus, you have the best time to lose it...over the winter when you can wear sweaters and stuff!

Becca said...

Buck up new Mommy! I think you look fantastic! Heck...I'm pretty sure my arms are flabbier than that. I could post a few post baby pics to make you feel better, but I'm not going to :)...just trust me!