Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"me not too sort"

Don't tell this guy he is too short to dunk the basketball...
or rubber duckie, if that is what he has chosen to launch into the Nerf hoop...
Because he'll make an elaborate scaffolding that he will use to prove you wrong.
He not sort or 'tupid* either!

Ah, two year olds... they wear me out.

*"stupid" is a "bad word" at our house and no one is supposed to say it, but sometimes they do anyway. I might too if my dog pees on the carpet but only real quiet like so no one can hear me, I think that is better than what I really want to say. You can let your mind wander about those words.


Kerri said...

I have a feeling none of children are going to be short! :)

Brady still thinks "stupid" is a BAD word. Sometimes he will come home from school and tell me he heard someone say the "s" word!

Sarah said...

Love all the pictures Jen! Yep, two year olds are something else. I think Kerri is right-your kids aren't going to be vertically challenged for long :)

Hope all is well with that little cutie. Loved his naked photo shoot. I still remember Tanner's when he was just a babe. Makes my heart skip a beat to see all those little wrinkles and rolls.

Kristin said...

I miss you.

Miss your sweet kids too.

If you have any trips to the in-laws soon let me know, I'll drive to meet you.