Thursday, September 1, 2011

check it off

Check this one off my bucket list (who knew my bucket list was so simple?)... I have always wanted sunflowers in my yard.
Look what keeps growing, and growing, and growing.... This picture does not do them justice since I took it about 10 days ago. They have gotten even bigger. These guys are HUGE! (The flowers not the kids!) I don't know why I never planted these before but this year I did and I love them. I honestly had no idea how big they would get or I would have put them somewhere else, they look kind of dorky there in front of this nice bed, oh well. I have some in another bed that just might grow taller than my house, well almost. I have always had visions of cutting them and putting them in a pitcher on my kitchen table (a la Country Living magazine) but the honey bees are constantly swarming around them and I feel super bad taking the flowers away from the bees. I heard that the bees are kind of endangered so I just can't do it to them. I am definitely enjoying these lovelies.

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Jill said...

So pretty!! The seeds are yummy too! Have a great weekend!