Friday, September 16, 2011


"I-a wanna go ni ni mommy." (translation: I don't want to go night night, mommy.)I'm trying to cut this kid a break. He is recovering from a really awful cold. He wakes up at every teeny tiny sound (the garbage truck, the door opening to let the dog out, me walking on the stairs...). All that sleep deprivation is getting to him, I definitely know a thing or two about the effects of no sleep on a human. Vocabulary is increasing daily for him, not always the best choice of words (i.e. butt, booty, 'tupid, no!) but nonetheless, he works hard (and loud) to get his point across in our loud house. His best buddies are gone almost all day at school. And just a few weeks ago, his status as "the baby" was permanently altered. Therefore, I am trying to be patient with his tirades and fits. I am really trying. The other night I snapped this picture of him on the way upstairs to brush (and floss- see yesterday's post!) his teeth for bedtime. I realized someday, he won't want to wear Elmo jammies. Someday, he won't want to sleep with 367 stuffed animals. Someday, he won't have dimples in his elbows. Someday, his cheeks won't be quite as round and utterly irresistible to kissing. Someday, he won't want me to read him stories before bedtime. Someday, he won't be lingering around at night before bedtime because he wants to hang out with me. Someday, is probably going to come really fast, before I know it. So I am going to love him, kiss him, hug him, and enjoy him, tantrums and all.


Jen said...

Aaawwwhhh...Mine said Ni Ni too! You are fast! Soak it in now.

Kerri said...

We still say ni ni and ty ty (tired) around here! Tanner looks so cute! And you're so right...he is having to adjust to a new baby and sibling gone off to school. Poor guy. Good for you for cutting him a break! You rock!