Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am super tired today. I stayed up until 1 AM watching three weeks of Grey's Anatomy last night. I didn't intend to do that, I was only going to watch a few minutes. I had watched one of those news shows about that polygamy sect and I was feeling all incensed over how the mothers/wives are technically single mothers who qualify for food stamps because the government doesn't recognize their plural (underage) marriages. I was wanting to rant and rave with someone over this abuse of "the system" and my husband was already in bed so I was left to seethe all alone (at one time I was a political science major and I just love a good debate!). I mean how can these women not think there is something amiss? No one in the outside world recognizes their marriages but themselves but they think it is ok to take from other single mothers (in said outside world) who desperately need aid?! My mom was a poor single mother at one time and I know she would have loved to receive help. Don't get me started... So I figured a few minutes of Grey's would do the trick. Lighten my mood, lift my spirits, give me a little McMen time... Well one episode turned into two and then I was so excited I just had to watch the season finale from last week. I actually enjoyed it. I was waiting for the big cliff hanger and for once the tv people made me so happy, they gave me some of the fairy tale endings I was hoping for. Usually I am so mad after a season finale because something crazy happens that the tv people think you'll want to tune in to watch next season, I just like a happy ending sometimes. Call me a sap. Oh and here's the best part, I watched four hours of the show in less than two hours thanks to my handy dandy DVR. I love that thing! Ha mister tv man, you didn't keep me hostage for four hours half of which is commercials! I won! If you don't have DVR service you must get it, a total life enhancer if I say so myself.


Murillo Family said...

I miss our DVR, now we have basic cable and I always miss my shows. I should have asked for that for Mother's Day!

Sarah said...

I saw that same program on paligamist(sp), what on outrage for sure, although it didn't keep me up-you're a better person than I am :)