Monday, June 16, 2008

Dad's day

No pictures to commemorate Father's Day, the digital camera was acting weird, again. I did take good old 35mm pictures, maybe I can figure out a way to get them on here...
Meanwhile, we did celebrate and it was a fun day. The kids and I got Paul a tree, he was super excited, it is one we have been wanting for a while to complete our patio surround. It is a Crimson Lace Leaf Japanese Maple. The best part is when I go tree shopping and the guys at the nursery are shocked when I actually know what I am talking about, most cases, I know more than they do. Pat myself on the back *pat*pat*pat*. It is because my landscape loving husband has taught me well and we watch DIY and HGTV almost 24/7 when he is home(not my idea!). Anyway, Paul is loving his new tree and we are looking forward to watching it grow, even if it is a slow-growing, focal point, miniature tree (told ya I knew my stuff!). He also got a scrapbook/journal in which to write about his trees/plants, it has places to put pictures and other stuff like the tags and receipts. The kids got him a shirt/hat combo that said, "worlds greatest dad" which he was made to wear to Bob Evans for our Sunday breakfast. He didn't even complain! Later, my extended family came over for a cook out and corn hole (the game!). It was a nice day celebrating our patriarch. I hope all the daddies I know had a great day.

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