Friday, June 27, 2008

glass cleaner

OMG, just to save a buck or two I bought the cheap, store brand window cleaner. Do not do this! I repeat, DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP STUFF! I normally don't give a hoot about what brand something is but the store brand has made me have to work twice as hard. I cleaned all the mirrors and most of my windows downstairs with this stuff and every single one of them is streaked so bad you cannot see out the windows and you cannot see yourself in the mirrors. I am not exaggerating. I tried using newspapers and the better quality paper towels, didn't work. The crazy thing is, they look good right after you clean them, then like a day later, it's all hazy and smeary. So I thought I was doing so awesome getting all this work done, no such luck. When Zoe said, "Mo-om, what happened to my mirror it's all smoky?" I knew I had to get the good stuff. Ugh, so I bought the stuff that costs more and says, 'streak free' and now all my mirrors are at least reflectable. Now the windows, we'll see about those, it is one of my least favorite chores (besides cleaning my husband's sink and the toilets) so they might just have to be streaky for a while. Hey, now no one can see in, right?

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