Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my boy finally gets his toy

I caved... I gave in...
My husband won, he is the very proud owner of a brand new, 2008 Vespa scooter. We had to get this one (most expensive) because he is so giant, it is the only one he fits on. I couldn't handle it anymore...he has been asking me for about a year and a half (since he turned 40) for a boy-toy... first he wanted a $40,000 boat, I talked him out of that one. So now with the gas prices soaring, he convinced me that this would be a much more practical toy, it gets like 80 miles to the gallon or something like that.

My only consolation is that in 6 years when I turn 40, I will get my very own toy... an orange, 1974 Corvette Stingray with t-tops, complete with rockin' stereo, and a v-8 engine, that kind of cancels out the scooter's gas saving props... I don't ask for much do I? Hey, I've wanted one of these for as long as I can remember... no joke, since my Barbie got her own 'Vette, I have been wanting my own. I beg my mom every year to buy me one, no such luck yet. Too bad, I'm really too short to drive a 'Vette, but I don't care, I'll sit on phone books if I have to, I'm gettin' one now, there is no turning back. The deal has been sealed!
Is the guy helping Paul learn all about his new toy so cute?! He was so teeny compared to my giant husband and so passionate about scooters, it made him cute. I always like a person that is really excited about something without pressuring you to like it too. If I wasn't so set on my 'Vette, I would get one of the cool icy blue scooters of my own, just because he was digging them so much! That's a good salesman. All I really want is for Paul to be happy, I think mission accomplished.

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Satunas4 said...

Sometimes you just have to give in. :) Looks like it would be fun to ride... Has he given you a ride yet?? Hold out for that vette girl... He owes you big now :) I just love it when they owe us, don't you?? Enjoy!!