Thursday, June 19, 2008

lost sippy cup

Have you ever found a long, lost sippy cup with just a teeny bit of apple juice left inside? Well, I have and guess what it makes?! Moonshine! Woo hoo! If times get any rougher with the economy and stuff, I know I'll be able to make homemade liquor for myself (in about 6 months of course) and my husband. Wow, I opened up one of Parker's cups that had been MIA for about a week (found in his closet) and not only did it reek of wine-ish smell, it popped and fizzed when I opened it, just like champagne! I have since washed it about 6 times and the smell will not go away. I don't know if this happens with all juice or only the kind of juice we use (the concentrate kind- my sneaky way of getting my kids to drink tap water, gotta have that fluoride). Just a fun little experiment you can try at home, sans children of course.

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