Thursday, June 12, 2008

feeling a little out of sorts

Now that school is out and it's hotter than blazes it seems like my schedule has flown out the window. My house is a mess and there are piles of papers everywhere from my husband's end of the year projects. More outside time, trips to the pool, keeping up with the yard and all the other warm-weather activities have made my scrapbooking come to an abrupt halt (almost). I did finish my hubby's father's day gift (it's wrapped so I can't take a picture of it yet) and I did make two layouts this week. Other than that, I am going to have to re-evaluate my schedule and find some time to scrap, I am having withdraw. Every time I walk by my desk I just sigh heavily and say, "soon, my love, I will return..." For now, my other love needs some attention. Some much needed reading is taking place. I am catching up on a mountain of magazines (Real Simple is my most favorite! Don't ya just love the cover of this one! I might save it just to look at for inspiration!) and some good chick flick reads my mom has passed on. It feels good to just relax and read and let my brain rest.

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