Tuesday, June 10, 2008

junk drawer

I just have to show my newly cleaned and purged junk drawer. Ahh, I love just seeing things all neat and tidy. We've had this drawer organizer forever and about once every 6 months or so I empty it out and put everything back. It is amazing how much stuff I throw out of here. I think I had an entire gallon sized ziplock baggie full of Zoe's hair accessories, things she takes out of her hair (five minutes after I fix it) and leaves all over the house. Somehow I end up putting them all in here instead of back in her room. Regardless, a little project that made me feel good.


K said...

It looks lovely. :-)

Sarah said...

the most beautiful junk drawer I have ever seen. I am inspired to have such a junk drawer for myself :) You might be alone in your house, but your friends appreciate your talents for sure!!!