Monday, August 11, 2008


This morning as I toasted a bagel for me, a bagel for Zoe, and a Pillsbury Strudel for Parker I couldn't help but wish for that giant six slotted toaster that we do not have. Toasting sure does take a long time when your kids are hungry and grumpy. I distinctly remember when my husband and I registered for our wedding and the toaster was the only appliance we needed (OK, so we asked for a bread maker too, and I have used it twice in our marriage, hey, I'm not the only one guilty of that!) and we saw the wide variety of toasters available. I remember us discussing which one we needed. Both of us agreed that the giant one was just too big and it would take up too much room in our then tiny-kitchen, so we settled for the regular, basic two-slotter. I can remember actually unwrapping that toaster at one of my bridal showers and I was so excited, I couldn't wait to make toast in it. All these years later, we still have it and we use it almost daily. It never fails, every time I use it I think, oh why didn't we request the giant one? I guess this is a true example of hindsight is 20/20. Maybe Santa will bring us a new Cadillac version of the family toaster this year?

a little helpful hint:
I have been using the bags our newspapers come in to clean up doggie doo for a while. I just keep a grocery bag of them in the garage by the door we use to go outside and so they are handy. It bugs me that the newspapers come in them everyday (I think they should be reserved for rainy days only) but this makes me feel like I am recycling them. They are easy to turn inside out and tie up. They are good for walks too, because they tie to our leash or stroller handle easily.Note: my dog is little so his stuff is little too, not sure if this is a good tip for mastiff owners.


Sarah said...

Oh Jen-you are making me smile today. I agree that a six slotter is the way to go, although I recently bought a toaster oven that will do four slices at the same time and that is pretty good too.

Corie said...

The things we don't think about before children. I have learned the bigger the better.