Wednesday, August 27, 2008

new calendar

I am still a project/task-master/get 'r done maniac. I swear this is the most I have ever felt to "nest" in my life. Most of my projects have been boring, nothing too exciting to share but I am feeling good getting things marked off my "to do" list. If being pregnant didn't have so many other annoying side effects, I'd want to be pregnant forever. I am loving this urge to work, not loving the extreme exhaustion though. Anyway, I wanted to share a little tip to help you get organized for back to school. We received the list of important dates for the whole year and I was starting to write them on our calendar. Then I was trying to figure out where I would keep that paper of dates so I could fill out my new calendar when I got one for 2009. So I decided to just go get a new calendar and fill it out early. Ha! The joke was on me. There were no calendars, anywhere. And I mean I checked every store you can imagine and the only ones I could find were those huge desk ones at the office store. I was about to give up when I was browsing through Michaels Craft store and lo and behold, calendars for 2009 and get this, they only cost $1! Now, this doesn't sound very exciting to you I am sure, but I am telling you I was on a mission. I bought this totally cute M&M one and filled out with all our important dates for next year: school events, birthdays, anniversaries, home maintenance dates for me to do, etc. I just love having it done. I feel like it will save me some time this holiday season when I usually update a new calendar. I hung it up behind my 2008 calendar in case I need to add to it. If you decide to undertake this little task, save yourself the trouble and go to Michaels first, all the other stores selling school supplies are so not prepared for your organizing efforts.

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Sarah said...

great tip little nester! Thanks