Monday, September 13, 2010

another one of my brilliant inventions

Now if you've seen (or done) this one before, just let me bask in my ignorance, pretending to be the best organizer/inventor in the world for a little bit, OK? Looky look at the pure genius way I hang my kids' outfits.

This is necessary because my hubby (who rarely gets the kids dressed) has a difficult time finding their clothes. Sometimes his choices are really "interesting."

Here is a matching outfit (I love little boys in orange, well big boys too, not sure why, just do)...

Lay the shirt bottom even with the shorts top and use a clip hanger.
So easy. I know the shirt is upside down. But since I rarely iron anything, I don't mind. Kids clothes are usually a little wrinkly anyway. I'd rather have them matching, in season appropriate, clothes instead of perfectly starched shirts anyway.

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Kerri said...

Oh wow...I would have never thought to do that! Great idea!

Not sure why...but the blogs on my sidebar haven't been updating some of the blogs I read. Hmmm? I missed your last several blogs! Not sure why it does that sometimes....but I don't like it!