Thursday, September 9, 2010


Becky Higgins (one of my favorite scrapbooker/bloggers) posed a challenge to take a picture of your desk/counter/work area from the tabletop view. Here is my kitchen island: my laptop, piles of school papers, coupons, my paper trimmer to cut recent photos of the kiddos, a glass of water, probably some cookie crumbs too, nothing too exciting.

I remember when I used to read articles (this was before my obsessive blog reading days, I probably had never heard of a blog then) about kids going back to school and parents having to stay super organized from the start and how to handle the influx of paperwork. Then Zoe started preschool (way back when) and I thought, "this isn't too bad." Fast forward to now, and two kids in two different schools with two different schedules added on to my hubby's school schedule, and a baby who is learning to climb onto kitchen counters, and well, I'm overwhelmed. Those articles were right. Holy cow, this is insane! I know it will only get crazier as the kids get older and more involved in activities. So forgive me for the lame post today, I am being buried alive by calendars, snack schedules, homework folders, permission slips, tuition bills, and artwork.

Talk to you tomorrow, I hope!

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Sarah said...

I too am drownding in a sea of paper scraps and newsletters. My kids bring home some pretty wacky stuff. Little cut out this and that, especially from preschool where it's just so cool to put stuff in your bag. Basically my recycling bin is full. I sneak it out of the house before someone claims that the little constuction paper rectangle NEEDS to be diplayed on their special shelf.