Monday, September 13, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

My boy and his shovel. He loves this thing. So much so, that there are holes all over the yard. Not the big ones that you bury stuff in, but the small enough ones that you don't see until after you've stepped in them and flung yourself all crazy like Saturday Night live actor doing a skit.

How, you say, does this have anything to do with watching my weight? Well, according to my good friends at Weight Watchers any and all activity counts towards weight loss and maintaining weight. So with that being said, I try not to dread yard work (although, I don't have my very own shovel that my mommy bought just for me! That might make it easier to tackle a big project.), house work, heavy lifting, one more trip up or down the stairs, taking out the dog for the twelfth time today.... I look at it as, burning calories, or more specifically for me, chocolate or cookies.

Now, please excuse me, I have to prep my living room for a paint job (burning calories into the wee hours tonight while everyone else sleeping- yahoo!).


Bringing Pretty Back said...

He is so cute with that shovel! That takes me back to when my three boys were that age! ADORABLE! Those dang infomercials do draw us in don't they! haha!
What color are you painting your room??!
Have a pretty day!

Sarah said...

Just put tape down to paint the playroom myself. Happy painting! Make sure to post some pics because I always need color ideas :)