Friday, September 3, 2010

little funny guy

I thought I'd share some funny Parker stuff. He is one of (if not, the) funniest kids I have ever encountered. I promise I am not just saying that because he is mine, I had some funny ones as a teacher, but he just kills me sometimes.

We went to meet his preschool teacher Wednesday night. I could tell he was nervous but not going to admit it. I knew I had to show him something he'd think was cool so he wouldn't start preschool hating it... Blocks to the rescue! There sitting on the carpet, just waiting for tall tower building, was a giant laundry basket of blocks. The big wooden kind, he was in heaven. I sat down and said, "look at these buddy" and I swear he said, "mommy (all dramatic and breathy), this is my dream!" Score one for mommy. Preschool will be "cool" thanks to that big basket of wooden joy.

Then, yesterday I was wearing a summer dress, trying to get my wear out of it before the cold sets in. Now, let me just say, it is not low-cut, just a normal scoop neck, t-shirt style. Parker and I were reading books on the couch and I was sitting kind of sideways, leaning on the back, trying to keep my eyes open (every time I sit down, I swear I fall asleep!), when Parker said, "you know, mommy, that looks like a butt." Guess what he was pointing to? Yep, my girls, all squished together. How embarrassing! In his defense, they did kind of look like that. In my defense, I have had three kids and nursed them all for a year or so, probably, my 23 year old girls didn't look like that.

That's all I have for now, Mr. Funny guy and I are going to watch some Scooby Doo.

I want to share an "ewwwwww" moment I had earlier this week. OK, so I don't know where I heard this, but those reusuable grocery bags we all know and love and sometimes leave in the back of our vans instead of using them, oops, can carry food borne germs. "They" (again, not sure where I heard it) said to wash the bags after every couple uses. Am I the only one who never thought of this?! Before Scooby, I am washing those bags. Ewwwwww!


Jill said...

Great post! Had me laughing too, my girls think it's funny wearing my bras on their heads. LOL Hope you have a great weekend!

Kerri said...

Watch out mom...girls love a funny guy, right?!
And just for the record...I am NOT washing my recycable bags...not doing it! Nope.

Kerri said...

Can I toss it in a HOT dryer??

Becca said...

I know where you say the thing about the bags cuz I just read it in Better Homes and Gardens this morning! On my to do list...yuck! Aren't boys the cutest? I've heard the butt remark too, I'm sorry to say! Oh...and how did you get the pic on your header? I've been trying to do that for months but I cannot get the picture to fit even when I mark "shrink to fit"...I'm frustrated and curious...