Monday, September 20, 2010

living room- in progress

In honor of my new seating, I made this cute tag for my flower frog that sits right by my sink... it says, "Have a chairful day." It's the little things that make my day sometimes... (the stamp is an old one from Stampin' Up, man do I miss the days of going to stamping parties, sigh)

Here is my in progress living room. I finished the painting in one day and well into the night, but it is done. The photo does not do it justice. I love the color. It is kind of sage/gray. It's called "cityscape" by Martha Stewart. The drapes are from Bed Bath and Beyond. I used my year's worth of coupons (they never expire despite what the coupon says, I stash them in my car for those last minute stops) to save $45. I had to buy the rods and everything. I am very proud that I hung everything myself, i.e. drilled, measured, installed, all of it. (Hubby has been working a lot.) The trunk we have had forever. It is from Hubby's grandparents' house, though we don't think it was actually used by anyone in his family for luggage. The fern, hubby bought me because I said I wanted one. He'll take any excuse to run to the nursery on his scooter! He loves that place kind of like I love antique stores.
I have a big mirror and some pictures to hang (from storage in my basement) but hubby has to help with those because they are heavy. I am also shopping for a (cheap) end table and lamp, maybe something I can paint since I blew the budget on the seating.

This is one of those times, again,where I am so glad it is done and so mad at the same time that we didn't do it sooner. Oh well, it's done (sort of ) and we are all enjoying a new place to relax. Well everyone but me, I am still the C.O.O. around here, someone has to get things done.

On another note (s)...
I am so watching "Dancing With the Stars" this season. I love a lot of the contestants, it's hard to pick a fave! I may have to wimp out and pick Florence Henderson since we are from the same sorority. Although, I do love the Situation, and I thought Bristol did a good job considering she is not a performer, Kyle Massey was so cute, and Jennifer Grey, come on, who doesn't love her? Watching this last night made my treadmill time fly by!

Glee starts tonight! Woo, hopefully hubby will let me watch it, you know he doesn't like to watch shows about school. DVR is set, just in case.

Did you see Kate Gosselin on People magazine? She is rockin' a bikini, go on Kate! I broke down and bought one, she says she runs about five miles a day. I wish my body looked like that... sigh...

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Bringing Pretty Back said...

I kid you not , V speeds up a little when he sees a yard sale sign! I RAN and got my martha Stuart paint chart to check out your cityscape. That is a great color!
I am impressed you hung the curtains yourself! IMPRESSED!
I have not been watching dancing. Smart woman setting the dvr.
I saw Kate -oh... i would love to look like that in a bikini too. I think I will need more than 5 miles a day though.
Have a pretty day!