Wednesday, September 8, 2010

first day for Parker

OK, I am having a really tough time with this guy going to preschool. Jeez, I need to get over it already. I know. I also know he doesn't have to go, it was a choice, but boy does it feel terrible to see him walk away. Does anyone else feel like their heart gets ripped out of them on days like this? Or am I the only mush-mom out there?

Look at him, he went and sat on the "P" on the carpet, all by himself, he just wanted to. He is not looking very excited at this point...
Before we left, he was all smiles and happy
new shoes, of course
OMG, he is breaking my heart
OK, I am crying now.
I won't post a "Watchin' my weight Wednesday" post this week, since it is Wednesday already. Dang, three day weekends always mess me up! Anyway, I am going to go wander around my house keeping busy until I can go grab my boy and give him about a million kisses and hugs.


Kerri said...

What a cutie he is!
I'm a mush mom too...still trying to get used to Brady being back at school...and he's not even as cute as he was in preschool! :)
Try and enjoy your alone time.

Jill said...

He looks so handsome! Hope he had a great first day! How are you doing? :-)