Monday, September 20, 2010

Keeping busy

Wow, is it Monday already?

I have been a busy bee. Mostly doing things like this...
Taping particularly stinks this time, because our ceilings are really high and I am really short. Did I mention I hate ladders, not phobia hate them, just really don't like them.


Here is the best prepainting tools you'll ever need.

This spackling is the best stuff. I got this at Target a couple years ago and it is so awesome. It goes on pink and when it is dry and ready to be sanded, it turns white. So easy, even I can do it. Yes, that is a Pampered Chef pan scrubber. It is my spackling-putter-oner. I don't use a trowel, I feel like I could do a whole post on those pan scrubbers. They rock. Someone in blog land probably has. And the blue tape, I could not paint without it. I have no patience for trying to paint near trim and not blobbing it all over, so tape is a must.

I will share some more photos of the living room tomorrow. It has been like a marathon for me last week and weekend. I feel like I haven't even sat down. So busy with the living room, having a birthday party, laundry, kids, you know, all the good stuff. I even went to bed early, not finishing "Mad Men" last night, you know I was tired if I left Don Draper!

Things to do this week:
hang up big mirror and pictures in living room
go to a Weight Watchers meeting, have to weigh in for September
begin (and hopefully finish) a cushion for our parson's bench
plan Parker's birthday party
design Christmas cards and buy supplies (50% off sale at Hobby Lobby this week!)

My menus for this week:
spaghetti (seriously we have this every week- maybe I shouldn't include it!)
tiny french beans and sausage (left from last week- didn't get to make it)
veggie chili and sandwiches
pizza (at my friend Kristin's house :)
grilled chicken salads, nuggets for kids


Kerri said...

Looking forward to the pics of your are quite the painter! And, designing your Christmas cards, you are on the ball! Good for you!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of your room! I am gearing up for alot of painting in the new little home. I have been buying blue tape and stocking up!
Have a pretty day!