Wednesday, September 1, 2010

His excitement cannot be contained

What does bliss look like for Tanner?
(Do you see the black spot on all my pictures? Help camera savvy friends! Please don't tell me I need another new lens, I already replaced this one once. The spot is on Tanner's upper lip in this photo, I tried to photo edit it a little, not very well, I might add.)
A plastic box from Ikea filled with stuffed animals. Tanner loves all animals, maybe he'll be the next Jack Hannah?
Here you can see, he is trying to figure out a way to get Max in there too.
Blankets always add more fun.
This is normally in Parker's room, not sure how it ended up in our undecorated, empty living room but it did. Maybe the kids were playing animal doctor? Anyway, he threw the biggest fit when I took it back upstairs. Every now and then, I find him in it again (in Parker's room) just sitting in there quietly, with all the animals stuffed inside. Funny.


Cindy said...

Something about getting into small places I guess. Aubrey loves to get in the laundry basket, usually when I am doing the laundry! That adds about 10 minutes at least to the task, but that's ok, she loves it!
Enjoy the day

Sarah said...

Thanks for the BLT tips. I am annoyed with myself because I do it all the time and your right-it all adds up fast. I think having a name for it will amke me more conscious of doing it and then stopping it!

Love that Tanner. Wish I knew what was affecting your camera. Hope you can get it figured out...