Friday, September 10, 2010

Boo boo kits

Thought I'd share an organizing tip for you since that's what I call myself. Jeez, all this moaning and groaning about my kids going back to school is depressing!

It is boo boo season around here. Well it has been for the whole summer but with the cooler temps and Tanner getting older and more adventurous (i.e. climbing everywhere) the boo boos are popping up at least once a day.

Now you gals know I am a couponing maniac. One of the things I always get on sale with coupons is band aids and Neosporin. Seriously, I have a drawer full of extras, speaking of which, my supply is getting low... gotta look for a sale soon.

Anyway, I buy the cute ones. What kid wants a plain old brown band aid? And since I have boys and a girl, we have corresponding band aids for each of course. Heaven forbid I give Parker a Jonas Brother band aid! That makes him cry worse than the injury. I have boo boo kits all over the house, again, not kidding. I have one in the garage, one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom upstairs. No, that is not too many, we use them all. I have two in my car and one in my purse and one in my diaper bag. Maybe there is such a thing as too prepared?

This one is in the kitchen. It is a jar with the band aids in it and a tube of Neo. Nothing fancy. I always take things out of the regular packages because it saves space and then I can monitor when the supply is low, can you say, my hubby puts the milk carton in the fridge almost empty?! (Please ignore my stove that needed cleaning when I took the picture, oops, didn't notice that!)
Now the problem was finding the right band aids for the right gender. When they are screaming and snotting and bleeding all over me, usually on my white shirt, I was panicking and saying "stop crying, does it really matter if you have Dora?" Well, then I thought, yeah, it does matter. Dangit, those kids are hurt and crying and if they want a Scooby band aid, by golly, I'm getting them one. So, I decided to label the boy band aids with a "B" and the girl band aids with a "G." Rocket science. I know, I missed my calling. Don't laugh, this saves me so much frustration. And I am the band aid hero. Yep, I rock around here.

Have a great boo boo free weekend!


Kerri said...

Wow...I thought I was prepared for boo boos! Good idea w/ the B and ARE smart! ;)
I put together kit for our linen closet and I have a small rubbermaid container w/ first aid supplies in the van decorated w/ bandaid stickers and sick people/doctors, etc! Oh yea!

Jill said...

I thought I was the only one who carried bandaids and ointment everywhere! LOL So true, it must be the "right" character to make it all feel better. LOL I have also supplied many children at the playgrounds with our first aid supplies. LOL I like your idea of keeping it in the container for when it gets low. Might have to "steal" that idea from you. :-)

So awesome you got the same cookbook! Isn't it so neat? They just don't make things like that anymore!

How's the house selling coming along? Where are you moving to? I remember not being able to decorate while selling too. That's a bummer. :-( Have a wonderful weekend!


a boy a girl and a pug said...

such a great idea. i'm always searching for band-aids and then the neosporin. thanks for a great idea.

Jen said...

Yes! You totally rock. We never have enough band aids...and they are never the cute kind mainly 'cause they cost twice as much for half as many. I'm gonna start looking for the coupons!