Monday, September 13, 2010

trying to be innovative and thoughtful all at the same time

Zoe's first grade teacher from last year and her second grade teacher from this year have their birthdays on the same day! Can you believe it? I only know of two other people who have my birthday, one was this boy named Darren from elementary school (I am totally Facebooking him after I post this!) and the other was a student I taught my first year of teaching, I think he would be driving by now. Holy cow, is that right?! Anyway, we wanted to give them both little somethings to say "happy day."

Here is the candy for her 1st grade teacher.
We made a new wrapper to personalize it. (I remember those really expensive ones you could order for your wedding or birth announcements- this was way easier.) We just used adhesive to put this one over the real wrapper.
A plain oatmeal container...
Becomes a gift holder for Zoe's current 2nd grade teacher- after adhering scrapbook paper to the outside and lid.
I swear we all fight over the oatmeal containers at my house, I think the possibilities are endless for these guys. Parker wants them to make drums, Zoe wants them for crafty stuff, I want them too, we really need to start eating more oatmeal!

I was originally going to put cookies in this for her teacher. I don't know what happened but the cookies all mushed together into a gooey bar-type cookie, I think maybe the butter was too soft. Good to eat but not good to give as a gift. We had to run out and get some chocolates for the container. I don't think her teacher minded, he is pretty laid back and seemed very appreciative.

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Jill said...

Such a cute idea! :-)

Just wanted to let you know to stop by my blog when you get a chance. I have a blog award for you I featured your blog in. :-)

Have a great weekend!