Tuesday, September 7, 2010

breakfast of champions

I am not sure how pretzels became breakfast.
But they did.
Pug comes for a crumb or two.
Tanner says, "no Ma!" (no Max!)
Life happens.

Things to Do this week:

I have no big projects/things this week because Zoe starts dance on the big girl team so it is a two hour practice (instead of one) AND Parker starts preschool tomorrow, I think that will be a huge adjustment for me, driving to and from school in between naps (Tanner, not me!) and don't get me started on my emotions... see no big projects for me, nope,not possible.

My menu for this week:

chili and sandwiches (didn't make last week)

cheeseburgers and fries

french beans and sausage

chicken soup and homemade bread

baked eggs in tomatoes with salads

spaghetti and salad


Cindy said...

Good luck tomorrow...we are all feeling your pain!!
Take a deep breath and enjoy the night

Jill said...

Tanner is so adorable! Best wishes for tomorrow! You will be in my thoughts. :-)

Sarah said...

I'll be thinking of you of you today. Parker cracked me up in your post about him-what a funny guy :) Washed my gracery bags and feel better about life-thank you :)