Wednesday, September 1, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

BLT's are killing my weight loss efforts. I know, you are thinking about those yummy sandwiches so good with all the tomatoes everyone is harvesting right now but I'm talking about another kind, Bites, Licks, and Tastes.

In Weight Watchers that's what we refer to as BLT's. It's all those bites of fries as you pass them back to the kids leaving the drive thrus. It's the licks of ice cream cones or licking the knife as you make a PB & J sandwich. It's a taste of the cookie dough you are making for your child's classroom party. They all add up. A lot. I know this. For goodness sake, I've been a "lifetimer" for a year now, yay me! AND let's not forget I work for Weight Watchers. Hello. I should totally get this and not have a problem with it... but alas it's things like this that lead me to BLT-ing...

Yes, that is our chandelier in our two-story foyer. Way up high. Parker has succeeded in throwing another toy up there (balls, a sock, and a spinning thing, have also made there way up here). This was from this morning. Poor parachute guy is probably thinking he can never get rescued. I am waiting for my big tall hubby to come home and risk his life dangling over the stair railing to save parachute guy from hanging to death.

What I have learned from WW is that BLT-ing is caused by emotional eating not true physical hunger. We have talked a lot about what signals true hunger and what is a craving. The best thing I heard regarding this topic is this, if you aren't hungry, food is not the answer. Hmm, well I guess I am going to have to repeat this to myself over and over as stress eating (BLT-ing) seems to be a big problem with me right now. I get it. I totally agree, most of the time, I am not even hungry. I eat super healthy meals and snacks and I love them but when the kids pull out some Pringles, by golly, I am eating a couple before I even know it. (It's not just Pringles, by the way, I will nosh on Goldfish, fruit snacks, whatever, stuff I don't even really like, so annoying!). I think it is really hard as a mom to be disciplined when it comes to mindless eating because kids EAT ALL THE TIME! (at least mine do) Food is all around. One day I told myself I'd work on sorting my coupons instead of eating snacks, well that worked, kind of, for that day. But seriously, does anyone else have this problem? If so, what do you do to stop the mindless munching?

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Kerri said...

I love that term BLT...never heard that before! I just started getting serious on Monday (of course!) Now that school has started I can get back into the gym...and try and get this fat suit on that I got this summer! I can't offer ANY advice on the mindless munching. My worst time is between 2 and 4...I start getting anxious for the bus, bored, lonely, etc. and I got looking for a snack...not good! I think you look're doing something right! :)
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