Thursday, September 9, 2010

Emmy's/Glee's rendition of Born To Run

I just discovered this Youtube clip and it has all kinds of things I love in it...

I love, love, love, "Mad Men" and John Hamm, he is so freakin' hot, my husband is jealous I think. When I watch the show on Sunday nights, I swear I am blushing and smiling, even when his character, Don, is being really bad.

Anyway, I also rediscovered "Glee". I know, everyone loves it. I watched it the very first episode and hubby said, "I'm not watching that, it's like watching my work." I can't really blame him. OK, so I watched it a couple times this summer and I love it. Set the DVR to record them all, searching for the DVDs at the library so I can "catch up.

I did not even know the Emmys were on a couple weeks ago, I really don't watch a lot of tv but someone told me Kate Gosselin was on so that made me check this out. (You know I am proKate!)

Love Tina Fey, love the guy from Lost, love how the Project Runway guy fixed Jimmy's outfit. I love it when people just bust out singing and dancing, I do all the time, seriously, ask my kids! Just watch, you'll like it too!
The only thing missing is Martha!

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