Friday, December 10, 2010

Badly staged photo but great idea

I used to love to go to Target but since Parker has had some gift cards and birthday money it seems like the only thing I get to look at there is the stinkin' toys! Grr! How many times can we look at Hot Wheel tracks and the Bigfoot guy we will never buy because he costs liek $200 bucks!?

Anyway, on one of our trips out of the Bakugan aisle, I cut through the bathroom stuff. You know soap holders, towel racks, all that cool stuff you only buy like once a decade or so. I saw the coolest thing, it was a knee pad for moms (or dads-if we moms are lucky) to kneel on while bathing little pip squeaks. It was rubbery/foamy (lack of a better word) and pretty cushy (lack of another better word) and it cost $20 something bucks! No way, that's like a whole new outfit (you know I am a red tag shopper, see yesterday's post) or pizza dinner at my house. I kind of walked by, eyeing it, sighing, glancing over my shoulder at it, saying I really need one of those. Giving little ones a bath is hard on the knees!

Then I came home and as I walked in the house through the garage, I spotted my kneeling thingy I use for weeding the flower beds just hanging there on a hook. (I walk by that goofy thing a hundred times a day but never paid any attention to it!) It was like the Target angel was calling me, "hey big dummy, you can use this thing and save 20+ smackers!"

For a couple weeks now, I have been using my weeding thingy for bath time and I must say it works! (Sorry for the ugly photo, I was hurrying and I think you get the idea.) I will admit the one at Target was a bit cushy-er but I think this works ok since I put the bath mat down and the weeding thingy on top of that. So moms of little people, if you have one of these in your garage, give it a try, if not, I highly recommend getting the cushy one from Target, your knees will thank you!

Here is the cushy one from Target.


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

just yesterday i spent about 20 minutes in front of that bigfoot guy, pressing the button over and over for max. when i'd try and move on, he'd scream bloody murder! he also love the dancing mickey mouse. so annoying!

love the gardening pad idea!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You are brilliant! And saved 20 dollah! 3 grown boys and many a hours on the knees giving them bath's... I am excited for you!
Have a pretty day!