Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Christmas at my house

I love all the tours you blog ladies have been giving of your Christmas-y homes. So lovely. I took some pictures of our stuff. I can honestly say that I love our decorations but no one would describe them as lovely, elegant, or sophisticated. Maybe, homespun, whimsical, cute, but definitely not Pottery Barn worthy. Funny thing about Christmas decorations, I always wanted a perfect Martha Stewart holiday home until I had kids and then I just wanted it to be all about them. The stuff they made at school, pictures of them on Santa's lap, cute Elfs on Shelfs (I know it is "Elves" but Elfs sounds better!), is the stuff I want to have around me and my family. The only thing we did not get out this year was our mini winter village. We have gobs of houses and accessories and I am trying to figure out where we can display them and they won't be destroyed for next year. I am ok with not having them this year, Tanner is little and quick and those ceramic beauties that cost at least $80 don't stand a chance.

So here we go...

my favorite ornaments are the ones I make of the kids each year since their first Christmas (I put them mostly on the same tree, it's my scrapbook tree! just kidding)
(Sarah, do you see the b&w one of Parker? you made that tag for Asher's b-day party when you still lived here! I love it!) That other baby to the right is Zoe! So cute.
Here are this year's picture ornaments, I try to buy them after Christmas each year so they are super cheap. Then I store them until it is closer to Christmas, I like the photos to be as close to the same time each year so you can really see the progression. I had to add date tags to this year's ornaments because there was nowhere to write the date on these (the back is felt.) These came from Michaels last year.
Our niche, that snowman is huge but he looks kind of puny. Aren't my Longabergers so cute!? They are tree-trimming baskets specially made for putting on your tree. I like to admire them so I put them here instead.
Our computer room shelves, just added bunches of brick-a-brack, I figured when I put the other things back after Christmas, I will have to really clean these, good excuse.
The foyer table. I love this funky tree. I got it at Hobby Lobby once for $3 after Christmas. I usually make this area super pretty but Tanner kept grabbing everything so I just put some random stuff he couldn't mess up if he carried it around.
The mantle, I do the same thing every year. I might change it up next year.
The big tree, our trees always lean. Oh well, embrace the imperfections, right?
My tree! I have had this little tree since my first apartment. The angel is mine from childhood, isn't she cute? This is where I put my picture ornaments and things the kids make. I cry when I put this one up. Those picture ornaments kill me. Lord help me when my kids are grown! Incidentally, the big tree is mostly done by big tall hubby and kids, I just get stuff out and kind of help with clean up. I like to do the other trees because I am anal, I like to do it how I want and I don't want any help. I know, so terrible. They don't seem to mind. I do the other trees usually when they are in bed. And hubby likes bulb ornaments and garland, I prefer the cutesy ornaments and beads, this way we both get what we want! (I normally have another 6 footer in addition to this one, but I just got lazy this year, just putting up this 4 footer was enough.)
Look at this awesome sign, I won it! Woo hoo! Holla! I never win anything. Kerri had a giveaway and I commented on how great these signs look and I won. I couldn't believe it, I wasn't even trying to win. I really wanted her to know her signs rock. I really think she needs an Etsy shop, don't you?
Oh and in case you were wondering, I finished big tall hubby's cookies and other gifts for his staff. Whew! Glad I have a year to do that again. I hope we sell our house and get to move up to where he works soon, having two different school schedules is the pits!

There you have it, just a little bit of our Christmas stuff. (Man, have I used the word "stuff" a lot today! My high school English teachers would surely knock me down for that!)

Have a great weekend. I hope to get lots of wrapping and baking done.


Kerri said...

I'm so glad you like your sign!
I too always wanted the perfect Christmas decorations until Brady came along. He gets so excited when we get all of our stuff out. I love that most of our things come with memories. Don't get me wrong though...a pottery barn Christmas is something I dream of for my house!
We have that same ornament you do in the first's first Christmas bib.
Your bags of cookies look so CUTE!! I bet hubby's staff loved them!

Kerri said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS! The weirdest thing just happened...I can't even believe it!! When I was leaving my know the word verification thingy that you copy the word into.....the word was etsys. How did you DO that?! Too funny especially after you made that comment!

Sarah said...

It all looks so cozy Jen. Way to go on all those cookies. I would love to get one of those little bags of goodies. I bet your husband really appreciates you doing all that-your a great wife!