Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a tradition

One tradition we have done since Zoe was a baby (about one year old) was to get out the Christmas books on December 1st (or close to that!). I keep them in a small lidded basket for the rest of the year and I thought the kids were none the wiser, until I saw Zoe trying to sneak in a couple weeks ago. Stinker!

Anyway, I do not keep them with my other Christmas decorations (in the basement) because I add to the collection throughout the year. I am always picking up inexpensive books at garage sales and thrift stores. I like to know that our holiday books are all in one when it is time to pull them out.

The kids really like having all these "new" stories to read. They get so excited to read them even though we read them every year. I try to have a good mix of fact/fantasy/silly/serious/ you get the idea. (Once a teacher, always a teacher, I guess!)
I have heard of a bunch of you lovely blogging ladies doing this as well, I guess great minds think alike! :)

Um, they don't really need the tag labeling these, I just like making tags and using cute ribbon!


Sarah said...

We have the same tradition and I love it as much as the kids :) That basket TOTALLY needed a tag-never doubt your tag instincts-it's as right on as your mom instincts and the tv ;)

Jess said...

love Christmas books!!! i am in great need of a basket to store all of them in!!!

and i totally "borrowed" the idea from a fellow blogger to have a box of ornaments for each child!!! that idea is right up your alley!!!