Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, Monday!

Ahhhh!! Is it really only 5 days away? Christmas, how did you sneak up on me, again?! I will not bore y'all with all my woes about how I don't have enough time to do all that I want to do and I wish I was a millionaire to be able to buy everything I want for everyone I want and give lots away to charities... I will tell you that the presents I most look forward to are the ones in my stocking.
Not because I am hoping for jewelry (really, I'm not) I just like little things like scrapbook stickers, candy, and maybe even a pair of socks. Really. I swear. I am not a good gift receiver, I like practical, useful things. It drives big tall hubby crazy. We were watching this morning tv news segment about what women want (jewelry, electronics, nothing useful) and none of it even appealed to me. Oh well, guess I am unique.

Just one more thing to share...
(Photo from 2009)
When I was a kid. I wanted to be an astronaut like you can't imagine. I begged, I mean, begged my mom to send me to space camp. She never did. (I think she might even say she wishes she did now, but I haven't ever asked her.) My second choice was to be one of those gift wrappers at McAlpin's (a department store in our town). Those ladies worked magic I tell you. They would rip that shiny paper off the big roll, swish! Fold, tape, add ribbon, and voila! There hands flipping around at warp speed with beautifully polished nails. Ahh, the memories I have watching those gals, I remember when I was finally tall enough to see over the counter and I could watch them perform their magic up close, I was enthralled I tell you! A beautiful gift wrapped to perfection in less than five minutes. Does anyone use the department store wrapping gals anymore? Do they even exist? I hope so, it is a true art form. I am a pretty good gift wrapper myself but right now, it's crunch time and I am just happy to get paper on the darn things with the right tags. I have even enlisted the help of my elves (gasp! yes, I gave up some control!) and I don't even undo what they did and do it over because they used a whole roll of tape and/or wrapping paper on a book. My philosophy for the next couple days is to "get er done." So when it comes time to wrap some birthday presents friends and family, I promise to channel my inner-McAlpins-gift-wrap-lady and make it look pretty.

My things to do this week:
  • um, everything Christmas related- bake, cook, clean, wrap, shop, stay up late, eat lots of stuff I bake, enjoy Christmas morning and Tanner's birthday party...
  • get my hair cut, tonight! Yes! definitely need that!
  • deliver gifts to neighbors and community friends (mail carrier, dry cleaners, library lady who does story time)
  • make Tanner's birthday shirt
  • make Tanner's birthday cake

My menus for this week:
easy stuff because I have to host three big meals in one week, yikes!
  • chef salads
  • tacos
  • chicken chili
  • Christmas Eve dinner
  • Chistmas day lunch
  • pizza dinner with family friends (I am making appetizers and salad and desserts and ordering pizza)


Kerri said...

I'm pretty practical too Jenny! My husband asked me where he should "lead" Brady my Christmas gift...and I told him about a Christmas platter I saw at Walmart marked down to $5!
You have a busy week ahead! Good luck getting it all done. Put some Christmas tunes on...that always helps!
Thanks for the Christmas did a great job on those! Your family is so CUTE!

Jill said...

Looks like we're all in a Christmas crunch. ;-) Hope you get great practical gifts in your stocking this year, lol and maybe something shiny too.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!